Best Flavored Coffee: A Unique Twist on your Caffeine Fix

Coffee – this is one thing that many of us cannot leave without. I am one of the many people guilty of consuming cups after cups of coffee. I am aware that it can have negative health impacts, but like many of you, I find it hard to resist a cup of a caffeine fix with robust aroma and flavor.

Best Flavored Coffee

For a lot of people, the usual coffee can be boring and bitter. Luckily, there are many companies that have introduced flavored coffee to give everyone’s favorite drink a new twist. With the best flavored coffee, you will experience distinct tastes without letting go of the caffeine.

If you are having a hard time deciding which flavored coffee is best to purchase, you came at the right place. Keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll share with you some of the best options that you can find in the market these days.

Why You Should Choose Flavored Coffee

There is an on-going debate whether flavored coffee is good or bad. There are some people who are claiming that they are useless because they take out the essence of drinking coffee. After all, why don’t you just drink hot chocolate or whatever flavor is desired? However, once you have tasted flavored coffee, you will understand why many people love it!

The best thing about flavored coffee is that it provides your caffeine fix with a new twist. Coffee will never be boring because of the abundance of the flavors that are available. Also, for non-coffee drinkers, they may appreciate it because the coffee flavor is not too strong.

Flavored coffee can be good for your health. Coffee in itself can already bring an abundance of health benefits. If you add blueberry, cherry, or sea salt, among others, it can even become healthier. Nonetheless, just like anything else, be sure to consume flavored coffee in moderation.

How Is Flavored Coffee Made

How Is Flavored Coffee Made

At home, there is one simple way to make flavored coffee – add a flavored syrup to your cup of coffee. You can add any syrup you want. However, this may result to weak flavor and aroma. Below is a short video that will show you how to make your own version of a flavored coffee:

For those that are manufactured commercially, the first step in making flavored coffee is roasting the beans. After which, the beans will be allowed to sit until it cools down. After cooling, the beans will be transferred in a mixer. After a slight agitation, the flavorings will be added. The mixing will go on until the beans are completely coated with the desired flavor.

​There are stringent quality control measures to make sure of the best outcomes. For instance, there are certain anatomical techniques that are utilized to evaluate how strong or weak is the flavor. This can be possible through spectrophotometry or gas chromatography. Cupping is also done as a method of sensory evaluation.

How to Choose Flavored Coffee

Given the endless list of the options that are available, how can you make the right decision? Below are some of the essential considerations:

  • Reviews: Start with reading the feedbacks of other people, especially those who have purchased and used the flavored coffee before. Their experiences will be a good starting point, making it easier for you to weigh the possibilities.
  • Packaging: It is important to choose a well-packaged product because it will have an impact on the freshness of the coffee. Packaging protects coffee from sunlight, humidity, moisture, and other external elements. Make sure that it has a tight seal so that air will not pass through, and hence, it will remain flavorful.
  • Roast: Through roasting, coffee becomes more fragrant. It maximizes the aroma and flavor. Light roast is perfect if you want your coffee to be mild. This also means that the beans will have no oil. Dark roast, on the other hand, will make the beans shiny. It will be stronger in flavor but less acidic.
  • Ground or Whole Beans: Choose whole beans if you have a grinder at home and if you want to be in complete control of how fine or coarse the grounds will be. On the other hand, if you are after convenience ground coffee beans will be perfect as all that you have to do is mix it with water.
  • Beans: The quality of the beans will also be important as it will have an influence on the taste of the coffee. 100% Arabica beans are common in a flavored coffee. Research about where the beans are from and make sure that they have undergone careful selection.
  • Roast Date: Fresh coffee is always the best. With this, look at the label and refer to the roasting date. If the roast date is not specified, this can be a bad indication. If you are buying online, checking the roast date can be quite a challenge.
  • Flavorings: Because we are talking about flavored coffee, it is critical to know what the flavorings are or how the coffee is flavored. Choose those with natural flavoring. Chemicals and artificial flavorings should be avoided as they can be bad for your health.
  • Sustainability: Be a responsible buyer. Choose flavored coffee that is made with sustainable practices in mind. For instance, the manufacturer should source their beans from local farmers and they should be using eco-friendly methods in their production.

Top Picks for the Best Flavored Coffee

Top Picks for the Best Flavored Coffee

In this section, we will have a quick discussion of some of the best products that will be worth your attention.

Cameron’s Whole Bean Coffee, Chocolate Covered Cherry, 12-ounce

Drinking the same black coffee everyday of your life will inevitably get boring at one point. This coffee will offer the perfect solution. It allows you to enjoy your coffee with a hint of cherry. The whole coffee beans are covered with dark cocoa to provide it with a chocolatey flavor. It also has maraschino flavor, a liquor that is made from small cherries.

This coffee is made from premium Arabica beans, which is one of the reasons why you can expect the smoothest flavor. The beans are fresh and have been carefully selected. It has also undergone precise blending to achieve a flavor that is hard to rival.

Another good thing about this product is the fact that is went through small batch roasting, unlike many others that are mass-produced and roasted in large quantities. This makes it possible to come up with better quality.

Lastly, it is a sustainable flavored coffee. Buying this coffee means that you are helping small and local farmers who supply the fresh beans. From production to packaging, you can also be confident that the manufacturer has sustainable practices.


  • Made with sustainability in mind
  • Rich aroma
  • Smooth taste


  • Can easily go stale
  • Not as flavorful
Kauai Coffee, Coconut Caramel Crunch Ground, 10-ounce

One of the reasons why I personally like this flavored coffee is the fact that it is already ground. This is the perfect companion for your outdoor trips, such as in the beach or the campsite. There is no need to bring a grinder with you, which also means that your cup of coffee will be ready in no time.

It is a good thing that this coffee is flavored with the use of natural essential oils. This is unlike in the case of others that make use of artificial flavorings. Since the flavorings are all-natural, you can also be confident that it will not harm your health in any way.

The manufacturer of the coffee has expressed its commitment to sustainability as well. This is evident through a variety of corporate and manufacturing practices, such as using renewable sources of energy in harvesting and production of their coffee.

To achieve the best taste, be sure to follow what the manufacturer recommends. To make the perfect cup, mix two tablespoons of ground coffee with six ounces of hot water. Mix thoroughly and enjoy.


  • Unique and delicious flavor
  • Has light vanilla flavor
  • Smooth


  • Flavor tends to be more of hazelnut than coconut or caramel
  • Has strange chemical taste
Folgers Caramel Drizzle Flavored Ground Coffee, 10-ounce

This flavored coffee is made by Folgers, one of the most reputable companies when it comes to ready-to-drink coffee. This is already a good reason for you to choose this above others as it can provide a guarantee of your satisfaction.

The flavor of this gourmet coffee is exceptional. Personally, it excites my taste buds because of the right blend of bitter and sweet flavors. Butter caramel mixed with rich coffee will surely be a treat even for the most discerning drinkers. This makes coffee more tolerable for those who do not like a bitter drink.

It is also good that the coffee is already pre-ground. It is ready to be used any way you want. Aside from making a drink out of it, you can also use the ground flavored coffee for baking, among others.

Lastly, the manufacturer makes use of an innovative pre-roasting technology, which gives them a distinct advantage above other companies. The latter allows the optimal extraction of flavor from every bean.


  • Made by a reputable brand
  • Perfect blend of bitter and sweet
  • Not overpowering


  • Some people find the flavor to be rancid
  • Can have a harsh aftertaste
New England Coffee Blueberry Cobbler, 11-ounce

Coffee and blueberry? You might think that it is a crazy combination. That was what I thought at first as well. However, upon having a sip of the coffee, you will love the way it tastes. Some might find the vanilla to be too strong, but if you like your coffee sweet and flavorful, this should not be a problem.

One of the reasons why this is a good choice for the best flavored coffee is the fact that it is made by a family that has been roasting since 1916. It is a product of a family tradition that has been around for over a century.

It is a coffee that is made from 100% Arabica beans, which is why it is flavorful. The beans have been carefully selected and has been handled thoroughly to result to delicate flavor.

If you prefer coffee that is not too strong, this is a good pick for you. It is only light-roasted, which makes it easy to drink.


  • Delicious and smooth
  • Affordable price
  • Unique flavor


  • Vanilla flavor can be overpowering
  • Has a bad smell
Cameron’s Coffee Toasted Pecan, 12-ounce Bag

To each his own, even when it comes to coffee. While some might find it too strong and others oddly comment that it is bland, I like the pecan nut infusion in rich and creamy coffee. It is a unique take on a classic drink.

The coffee has pecan overtone and sugarcane undertone. It comes with a light roast. To add, the beans that are used are 100% Arabica, which have been carefully selected to make sure that flavor and aroma will be optimized.

It is also worth noting that the company uses European style roasters. They roast the coffee in small batches, making sure that they pay attention to the outcome. To add, they make use of both drum and convection technologies, which prevent burning the beans too much.


  • Exotic but easy to drink flavor
  • Packaging keeps the coffee fresh
  • Excellent price to value ratio


  • Some do not easily recognize the flavor
  • A bit strong for others


In sum, the best flavored coffee will provide you with a unique way to appreciate your caffeine fix. If you do not like bitter drinks or if you simply want to give your coffee a distinct flavor, we hope that the products mentioned above will be worth your money.

If I can pick and recommend only one, I would say it is Cameron’s Whole Bean Coffee, Chocolate Covered Cherry The combination of chocolate, cherry, and coffee provides the perfect blend of bitter and sweet. It is not only flavorful, but also rich, smooth, and aromatic.

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Best Flavored Coffee: A Unique Twist on your Caffeine Fix
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