Best Latte Machine: Achieve Your Dream of Being a Barista

If you have always dreamed of being a barista, you are one step closer to fulfilling its reality. Even at home, you can prepare your own gourmet coffee. With a little knowledge and patience, as well as the right tools, you can make the perfect caffeine fix. Among others, one equipment that you need to own is the best latte machine.

Best Latte Machine

Looking for a top-notch latte machine can be confusing, basically because of too many options available, each claiming to be the best. If you need help in coming up with a well-informed decision, keep on reading this guide and learn a thing or two from the insights that I will be sharing.

Types of Latte Machine

​Latte is a drink that is made from a combination of espresso and steamed milk. With this, when talking about the types of a latte machine, we are actually referring to the type of espresso machine. Below are the options that you will be confronted with:

  • Super-Automatic: They are the most expensive, but also the easiest in terms of operation. Most of the features are automatically done, which minimizes the effort that you need to spare. It is also excellent in terms of the consistency of the drink that you will make.
  • Semi-Automatic: This is a more affordable option, yet it does not fall in terms of reliability. It will provide you with the opportunity to tweak some of the functions, allowing you to make the drink as desired. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but it won’t be too much for you to handle.

Choosing the Best Latte Machine

Choosing the Best Latte Machine

Below are some of the most important considerations that will help you to narrow down the possibilities in the market:

  • Size: When it comes to size, consider how much space is available in the countertop. Also, think about the quantity of the latte that you have to prepare every time. A compact machine is usually the cheaper one.
  • Capacity: This will refer to the size of the water tank that is incorporated in the unit. You do not really need a large one. Most of the models in the market have tanks that are easy to remove and refill.
  • Ease of Use: Look for a latte machine that is user-friendly. Especially if you are a beginner, you will benefit from a machine that comes with simple controls. One-touch functions are the best since all that you have to do is to select what you want and the machine will take care of the rest of the job.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Aside from being easy to use, it is also important that the machine is effortless to clean and maintain. With this, it will be a snap for you to retain its peak performance even through the years.
  • Medium: This refers to what the machine will use in making espresso or coffee. There are generally two choices – pods or ground coffee. Pods are more expensive, but they are available in a wide array of flavors. For those that use ground coffee, on the other hand, it will also be great if the machine comes with an integrated grinder.
  • Reliability: There are many things that will be indicative of the reliability of the latte machine. For instance, it is important that there are positive feedbacks from its users. Also, the heating time should be quick. To add, it must be able to maintain constant temperature.
  • Warranty: If the machine breaks or becomes defective at some point, what should you do? If it is still under warranty, you can get in touch with the manufacturer and they will offer free repair and replacement of the defective parts. Choose one that comes with an extensive warranty coverage.

Tips in Making the Perfect Latte

It is not enough that you are using the best latte machine. It is just one of the essentials in making the perfect drink. If you want the best outcomes, below are some of the things that you have to keep in mind:

  • The right choice of milk is one of the most important components of the best latte. Use fresh milk straight from the fridge. It will also be good if the pitcher is chilled. Full cream milk is also recommended because it can add to the creaminess of your latte.
  • Purging the wand is another expert tip that you should do. This will help in the elimination of condensation and will get rid of water in your milk.
  • Pouring is another important technique that every beginner must master. You do not simply pour the milk and the espresso. It is an art that you need to learn. Especially in the case of the milk, pour it delicately so that you can achieve the right texture.
  • Enjoy your latte as soon as possible. When it gets too cold, there will be an odd fatty taste.
  • Your drink will not be complete without latte art. The short video below will provide you with some practical tips on how to do it like a pro:

Top Picks for the Best Latte Machine

To make your search a lot easier, in this section, we will have a rundown of five of the best brands and models that you might want to consider. We will also list down some of their noteworthy features, as well as a few of their pros and cons.

DeLonghi EC155 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Brand name is one of the biggest selling points of this product. Aside from being made by a reputable company, it comes with a reasonable price. This is a deal that is hard to resist for any budget-conscious buyer unwilling to settle with anything less in terms of quality.

The versatility of this machine is one more thing that might captivate your attention. There is a dual function filter, which is a patented technology. With the latter, you can opt to use pods or ground coffee, depending on which one is preferred.

There is also a swivel jet frother, although there are some people who find its length to be a bit short. Because it swivels, making lattes will be a lot easier. It won’t take long before your drink will have the perfect and creamy froth.

The self-priming operation of the machine is also a good thing. The latter removes the need to wait for the unit to start. With less waiting time, you can prepare your caffeine fix in an instant and without having to exert too much effort.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable construction
  • Produces rich froth


  • Frothing wand is short
  • Can be prone to making mess
Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 Café Barista Premium Espresso/Cappuccino System

One of the best things about this product is that it can produce 15-bar pressure, which is pretty much impressive given its price. With this, you can be assured of the optimal extraction of coffee, resulting to fuller flavor and aroma.

For versatility, it is great that there is a volume control. The latter will make it easy for you to make personalized lattes. For instance, you can choose from single or double shots of espresso. You can also have it programmed based on the ratio of espresso and water that you prefer.

Despite its compact profile, it has a water and milk reservoir with a decent size, which is perfect for most households. The water reservoir is also easy to remove and fill.

You will also like the one-touch control panel, making it friendly even for novices. You do not need to have technical expertise in making lattes. All that you have to do is to press a button and the machine automates the entire process. This eliminates guesswork on your end while also guaranteeing the perfect outcome.

Lastly, there is a drip tray that will catch all the excess liquid. The drip tray has a cover that can be easily removed, which will allow it to accommodate even taller cups.


  • User-friendly
  • Good tank size
  • Adjustable height for cups


  • Two sprouts are too far from each other
  • Can be prone to leaking
Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee and Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

The advanced Centrifusion technology is one of the things that give this product an advantage above many of its competitors. This is an innovation that allows the machine to provide optimal extraction for the best flavor of your latte. It allows the capsule to spin 7,000 rotations per minute.

Its simplicity is another good reason why it is one of the top picks in our list. It features one-touch brewing, which simplifies its operation. Pre-heating will take only roughly 15 to 20 seconds. After a single push of a button, the machine does all the work on its own.

In terms of versatility, you might also like how it allows you to brew in two cup sizes – 1.35-ounce espresso and 8-ounce coffee.

Lastly, it features automatic blend recognition, which is another reason why it is excellent in terms of being user-friendly. It automatically recognizes the capsule that you will use and adjust the functions in an instant.


  • Can easily experiment with different flavors
  • Quick heat-up time
  • Comes with a milk frother


  • Expensive price
  • Can be quite noisy
Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

If budget is not an issue, this is one option that you should not fail to consider. Its steep price should not be a problem given the high-end features that you can find in this product. Even for businesses, this will make a good choice.

This offers bean-to-cup system. There is a sealed hopper, which has a capacity of .5 pound. Because it is sealed, your beans will remain fresh. There is also a conical burr grinder, which is made from premium stainless steel. Plus, there is a tank with a capacity of two liters.

Another excellent feature is the thermo-coil heating system. It ensures that temperature is properly regulated. The end result is an espresso shot with fuller flavor and richer aroma.

For making lattes, it comes with a swivel wand. It can produce steam in an instant and it can swivel 360 degrees.

As a bonus, there is a cup warmer on the top of the unit. This is one of the features that make it good even for commercial uses.


  • Elegant industrial design
  • High-capacity hopper
  • Drink is ready in a minute


  • Expensive price
  • Can be complicated for beginners
Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Automatic Dual Shot Espresso/Cappuccino System

Not all high-quality products need to be expensive. This is one thing that this product proves. It is budget-friendly. However, for most beginners, it might take quite a while before you can get used to this product.

Among its features, one that I like the most is the Thermal Block Heating System. The latter allows the proper temperature to be maintained, which is one of the essentials in making great-tasting coffee.

The 15-bar pressure pump is also a good thing. When making espresso, keep in mind that pressure is one of the most important. With this model, you will get just the right pressure for the job.

Lastly, the design of this latte machine is also a plus. Its aesthetics will make it a great addition to your kitchen, especially if you want to pull off a contemporary appeal.


  • Affordable price
  • Has a drip catcher
  • Beautiful design


  • Not durable
  • Takes quite a while to make your drink


Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 Café Barista Premium Espresso/Cappuccino System, Silver


With the best latte machine, you can turn into an instant barista. Even without the need to spend too much, you can make the perfect lattes, even at the comfort of your own home. To maximize the benefit of having such a machine, however, make sure that you pick the right product.

Personally, I would say that Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 Café Barista Premium Espresso/Cappuccino System, Silver stands out from the rest. From its operation to cleaning, this can be user-friendly. It also has durable construction, allowing it to provide the best bang for the buck.

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Best Latte Machine: Achieve Your Dream of Being a Barista
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