Can You Microwave Tervis: More About Safe Handling of your Tumbler

When it comes to drinkware, Tervis is perhaps one of the most popular brands all over the world. They are known for their high-quality insulated tumblers, which have been constantly replicated by cheap knock-offs. They can effectively retain the temperature of your beverage and will make amazing to-go cups.

For people who are new to this brand, there is one question that is often asked - can you microwave Tervis? If in case you are wondering, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll let you know the answer. As a bonus, we will also provide you with insights on how to maintain your Tervis tumbler in its peak condition even after long-term use.

Can You Microwave Tervis?

Without a doubt, the microwave is one of the most common appliances in many kitchens. It is an excellent way to heat leftovers. For your Tervis tumblers, it is necessary to know if they are microwave-safe, which is critical for safety and in making sure that you won’t break the product shortly after its purchase.

Yes, you can microwave Tervis. This is a good thing since this means that you can quickly heat the drink in your tumbler. Whether it is coffee or tea, among others, the microwave is your best friend when it comes to heating.

However, as the manufacturer states, there are some important guidelines that you have to keep in mind. For instance, you should microwave it only for half a minute. Microwaving Tervis for more than 30 seconds will expose it to heat that is too high for the material to handle.

It is also important to note that there are some exceptions to the rules. For instances, before microwaving Tervis, make sure that it is made entirely from plastic. In most instances, you will have to remove the lid, especially if it has metal parts. Also, avoid microwaving the tumbler when it its full.

There are also Tervis products that are made from stainless steel. In the case of the latter, make sure that it is never microwaved.

At all times, it would be best to read the instructions from the Tervis to be sure about what you are doing. Pay attention as well to the instructions from the manufacturer of the microwave and always follow their safety precautions.

Aside from being microwave-safe, it is also good to know that the tumblers are dishwasher-safe. This makes it a breeze to clean and maintain the cups. It is a snap to make sure that you can use them through the years.

Lastly, it is also BPA-free. BPA is a toxic chemical that is often found in products using plastic. The Tervis tumblers are made using food-grade materials, which can provide you with the confidence that they are not hazardous in any way.

Made for Life Guarantee for your Peace of Mind

A lot of people are wary about microwaving Tervis because of the fears that this can affect the appearance and durability of the tumbler. Yes, it can cause breakage when it is exposed to extreme heat, but this will only be the case if you do not follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

To have peace of mind about the quality of the product, the manufacturer is offering Made for Life Guarantee. With the latter, any damages due to heat and cracks, among others, will be covered. You can return the cups in store or ship it to the manufacturer. They will issue a replacement.

Taking Care of your Tervis Drinkware

Even with the Made for Life Guarantee that is offered by the manufacturer, it does not mean that you will be spared from the need to clean and maintain your tumblers. Proper handling and storage are necessary to make sure of their best condition.

One of the most important things is to not stack the cups on top of each other. This is especially true if you intend to keep them stored for a long time. It will be hard for you to remove the cup on top of another. If this ever happens, one of the best solutions is freezing.

When the product is new, taking off the sticker or label should be done using soapy water. This will make it softer and easier to peel without leaving a sticky residue. Do not use sharp objects to peel it off as this can scratch the surface.

While it is dishwasher-safe, you should clean it based on the instructions from the manufacturer. For instance, you should place it only on the top rack. The gasket should also be removed before dishwashing. Refer to the instructions from the manufacturer so that you will know how to remove and reinsert it.

Use only mild soap when cleaning the tumbler and see to it that it is rinsed carefully, especially when hand-washing. If the soap is too strong and if there are residues, this will negatively alter the taste of your drink.

If you are experiencing leaking in your tumbler, here is a video showing a useful hack you must know:


So, can you microwave Tervis? We hope that his article was able to answer your question. Here is a quick recap of the discussions in this post:

  • Yes, you can microwave Tervis. However, you should microwave it only for 30 seconds or less. Also, take out the metal part of the lid. Pay attention to the specific instructions from the manufacturer. For stainless steel Tervis products, they should never be microwaved.
  • It is also good to know that the manufacturer is offering Made for Life Guarantee. With the latter, you can have peace of mind as the manufacturer will issue a replacement if the product has been damaged due to cracks or heat.
  • Be critical about the care and maintenance of your Tervis products to make sure that they will last long. Do not stack the cups on the top of each other. Some materials can be dish-washed, but keep them on the top rack.

Was this guide helpful? Have you tried microwaving Tervis before? Feel free to leave a comment below and share with us your real-life experiences.

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