Does Maple Syrup Go Bad: A Guide to Making It Fresh Longer

The sweetness and versatility of maple syrup are just some of the reasons why it is a staple in many households. This thick syrup with golden brown color is best used in pancakes, among others. More often than not, people tend to buy large bottles or in bulk. At one point, you will realize that your maple syrup has been sitting for too long and you will wonder if it is still fresh.

Does maple syrup go bad? If you want to know the answer, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll share some valuable insights with you, including tips on proper storage to make sure that it can still be used after some time.

Does Maple Syrup Go Bad

If you go online and search for the answer to this question, you will surely end up being confused. Well, there are different factors that would come into play, such as the specific brand, whether it was opened or unopened, and the way it is handled or stored, among others.

There are some people who are saying that the shelf life of maple syrup is indefinite. Yes, this may be true, but this is the case only if the bottle is left sealed. This will prevent the penetration of external elements, and hence, preserving the syrup. This will also be the case with proper storage.

Once the bottle is opened, on the other hand, this is a different story. This will be good within six months to one year, provided that you follow the right storage, which will be discussed later on. It is possible to make it last longer by keeping it in the freezer. Do not be afraid to do this as the syrup will not end up being solid and frozen.

How to Know if Maple Syrup has Gone Bad

The easiest thing to know if maple syrup has gone bad is through looking at the packaging. The manufacturer will state a date that will show until when it is best to be used. Take note that this date refers only to the freshness of the syrup. Once the date has lapsed, it can still be used, but expect that its quality will be significantly inferior.

Also, there are visual cues that will be indicative of the spoilage of maple syrup. One of the things that can happen is the appearance of mold, which will be apparent from the top. Even if the maple syrup is in the fridge, it is inevitable that it can get moldy.

However, according to the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association, the appearance of mold should not be taken as an indication that you need to throw the maple syrup. All that you have to do is to boil it, skim the surface, transfer in a clean container, and refrigerate. This is a good way to save maple syrup that you thought was already bound to the bin!

Aside from the appearance of the mold, it is also inevitable that there will be changes in its color. Usually, it will be lighter. Take time to also smell the maple syrup. If the odor appears to be off, just throw it away.

Lastly, do not be afraid to have a quick taste test of the syrup. Tasting just a small portion of a syrup that has gone bad will not lead to serious problems, so do not be afraid. If it is sour or bitter rather than sweet, take this as a sign that you need to discard the syrup.

How To Store Maple Syrup

It will be easy to keep the maple syrup in its peak condition if you store it properly. With this, one of the most important is to keep to the cap closed. It should be tight enough so that it won’t be penetrated by air and other external elements that can have an impact on its spoilage.

Especially if you have made your own maple syrup at home, it should be kept in the right container. Make sure that it is clean and dry. Glass can be a good choice. Below is a short video that will show you how to make home-made maple syrup:

Keep the maple syrup in the fridge. It will love the cold temperature and will also be instrumental in extending its lifespan. If you want it to last longer, on the other hand, keep it in the freezer. It will not be frozen. However, avoid doing this if the container is made from glass as it will most probably be prone to breakage.

Although freezing is recommended, when it is done for more than a year, this can have an impact on the flavor and consistency of the maple syrup. It can be too watery.


Does maple syrup go bad? If you need to be refreshed about the discussions above, here is a rundown of some of the most important things mentioned:

  • Maple syrup according to some organizations, will have an indefinite shelf life if the bottle is sealed. On the other hand, after opening, its shelf life will only be good for six months to one year. This can be extended if you freeze maple syrup.
  • Mold is one of the most common indications that maple syrup has gone bad. However, when such appears, you can simply boil it and take out the moldy part. After which, you can use the syrup as desired.
  • To know if the syrup has past its prime, look at the best before date. Also, pay attention to visual cues of spoilage, such as changes in color. There will also be changes in taste and smell.
  • For proper storage of maple syrup, keep it refrigerated. If you want it to last longer, have it frozen. Keep it in a clean and dry container, especially if it is home-made maple syrup. You should also keep the cap tightly sealed to make it less prone to penetration of contaminants.

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