How Long Does Champagne Last: Know Until When to Keep Your Bubbly

Celebration and luxury – these are two things that are often associated with champagne. If you have a bottle of bubbly sitting at home, know first if you can still drink it before opening. With this, in the rest of this post, we will let you know how long does champagne last.

how long does champagne last


Champagne is best enjoyed when it is still fresh. It is smooth and bursting with sophisticated flavor, but only if you drink it before it goes bad. Keep on reading and we’ll let you know its shelf life, as well as some of the best ways to keep it fresh longer.

Shelf Life of Champagne

The good thing about champagne is that you can store it even for several years, as long as it is not opened. Also, it is crucial to make sure that it is stored properly. More about its proper storage will be discussed in the next section of this post.

In the case of vintage champagne, the shelf life will be anywhere from five to ten years, provided that it is left unopened. On the other hand, if it has already been opened, drink it within three to five days.

On the other hand, in the case of non-vintage champagne, its shelf life will be anywhere from three to five years if the bottle is unopened. Meanwhile, if it is already opened, you should also drink it within three to five days.

So, how do you know if the bottle of champagne that you have at home is vintage or non-vintage? Look at the label. For vintage champagnes, there is a year indicated. Vintage champagnes are made using grapes that have been harvested for a year, as against those used in non-vintage variants, which have been harvested for several years.

The general rule is that once you have already opened the champagne, drink it as soon as possible. After all, who can resist a bottle of bubbly? Even if it is re-corked and stored properly, it will only last for a couple of days. After this, the flavors will be bland, losing its distinct taste.

Proper Storage of Champagne

The secret to maintaining the freshness of champagne, whether opened or unopened, is to make sure that you store it the right way. It does not take a genius to figure out how to keep it properly. Learn from some of the tips that we will be sharing in this section.

Unlike wine, champagne does not get better through time. With this, you should drink it as soon as it is opened.

Vibration, light, and heat are three of the mortal enemies of champagne. Exposure to these elements will damage not only the flavor of the champagne, but also its bubbly texture. It should never be left in the pantry at room temperature, especially when it is reached by direct sunlight.

It is best to keep the champagne refrigerated to preserve its freshness. According to experts, the ideal temperature for champagne storage is anywhere from 10 to 13 degrees Celsius. If not in the fridge, you can keep it in the liquor cabinet or wine cellar, but make sure that it is not humid.

There are also certain products that can be helpful in the proper storage. One of the perfect examples of the latter is a champagne sealer. While you can always put back the cork, this is oftentimes difficult to do and can lead to air penetration.

While there are many options for champagne sealer, one of the best is Cilio 18/10 Stainless Steel Champagne Sealer. It is cheap, yet its quality is top-notch, especially because of the choice of material. It is leak-proof and can offer a high level of protection, regardless if you store the champagne horizontally or vertically.

Aside from proper storage, you also have to pay attention to the way champagne is served. It should be served chilled, but never iced. When champagne is iced, this can lead into dilution. It will become watery and much of its flavor will be lost. This can also end up not being bubbly at all.

You should also use the right glass. It should never be served in a mug. Ideally, you should use a tulip glass, which will give the opportunity to aerate to maximize flavor. This will also be effective in keeping the bubbles.

Below is a short video that shows how to properly open and serve champagne:

Knowing if Champagne is Bad

You must also know how to spot a bad champagne. If it has already gone off, do not attempt to drink it. While there are no serious health repercussions, the experience will never be the same. It will just taste and feel like a cheap wine.

The physical appearance of champagne will probably change if it is already bad. Molds can appear, although this rarely happens. There will possibly be discoloration. It will also taste sour or off. From first sip, if you smell or taste something that is weird, this is an indication that champagne has gone bad.

At the end of the day, there is no exact way of telling if a champagne has already gone bad. It is best to just pay attention to how long it has been stored to know if the quality is still good!


Now that you have reached the end of this post, I hope that you already know how long does champagne last. To round things up, here is a quick summary of the points mentioned in this post:

  • In the case of unopened vintage champagne, it can last for up to ten years. On the other hand, for non-vintage champagne, shelf life is three to five years. Once opened, regardless of the type of champagne, it should be consumed within three to five days.
  • Unlike wine, champagne does not get better as it ages. Drink it as soon as possible.
  • Proper storage is critical to maintain the freshness of champagne. This should be kept in a cool place that is free from heat and vibration.
  • It will also be good to invest in a champagne sealer. Cilio 18/10 Stainless Steel Champagne Sealer is one of the best products available in the market.
  • To tell if champagne has gone bad, pay attention to its appearance. Color, taste, and smell will change.

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