How Much Caffeine is in Dark Chocolate and How It Can Be Good for your Health

There are a lot of misconceptions about caffeine, especially the assertion that it is bad for your health. While the latter can indeed be true, this is only the case when it is consumed excessively. The truth is that caffeine can have positive impacts on your health. Also, take note of the fact that caffeine is not derived from coffee alone. Even dark chocolates have caffeine. In this post, we will discuss how much caffeine is in dark chocolate and more importantly, how it can be good for your health in more ways than one.

The Many Benefits of Caffeine

How Much Caffeine is in Dark Chocolate

Compared to other types of chocolate, the dark variants have higher concentration of cocoa solids, which is why they have caffeine. The amount of the latter, however, will depend on the amount of cocoa that is used in the dark chocolate. The more cocoa is used in the ingredients, the higher is the caffeine content.

In a typical dark chocolate made with 60% cacao, caffeine is about 109 grams per 100 grams. If you are going to use ounces for comparison, on the other hand, every 1.5 ounce of dark chocolate with 60% cacao contains 20 milligrams of caffeine. For coffee meanwhile, every 8-ounce serving can contain anywhere from 100 to 200 milligrams of caffeine, depending on the type of the beans that are used or the roasting process.

The Many Benefits of Caffeine

Caffeine may have a bad reputation, but if there is one thing that you should know, it would be the fact that it can also do some good things for your health. The key here is moderation. You have to make sure that it is consumed in the right quantity. Having too much caffeine can lead into palpitation and difficulty of sleeping, among other problems.

How Much Caffeine is in Dark Chocolate

The following are some of the health benefits that are commonly associated with the consumption of caffeine.

  • Increase in Memory: If you are looking for the perfect way to improve your mental health, you should consume caffeine. This has been proven in one study that has been completed at the John Hopkins University. In the said study, the conclusion was that 200mg of caffeine, which was consumed by the study participants in a pill, showed positive impact in memory consolidation.
  • Natural Stimulant: This is one of the widely-known benefits of caffeine, which basically explains why coffee is a common drink of choice when you need to be perked up. In one research from the University of Michigan Health Service, the findings indicated that in as short as 15 minutes after consuming caffeine, you will already feel its stimulating effects, which can last to up to 6 hours.
  • Increase in Stamina: There have also been several assertions with regards to how caffeine can be effective in providing you with more stamina, especially when you are exercising. Almost anyone who drinks coffee is most probably aware of the fact that it can add an extra jolt of energy. When you are feeling tired and weary, just consume caffeine and you will instantly have the energy to do what you have to do.
  • Improve Liver Health: It has also been claimed that caffeine can be effective in being able to reduce fat in the liver that is not associated with alcohol consumption. Additionally, it is also said to lessen an individual’s risk of developing liver fibrosis.
  • Prevent Asthma: In a study that has been completed by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the researchers have concluded that the consumption of caffeine can help in the opening of airways and can improve breathing of person who is suffering from asthma attacks.
  • Aid in Weight Loss: There have been also several claims in the past with regards to how caffeine can be effective in helping people lose weight. One of the studies was from Germany, where it has been concluded that consumption of 2 to 3 cups of caffeinated drink in a day can be instrumental in shedding off extra pounds.

While caffeine has been regarded as a natural psychoactive drug, it is important to note that there are also risks that are associated with its consumption, as it has been earlier pointed out. Developing dependence and addiction should be avoided. With this, you should wisely choose your source of caffeine. Coffee may be an excellent choice, but its caffeine concentration can be too high. Once you are addicted, you will find it hard to survive a day without a cup of coffee. This can be bad for your health and weaning off can result into withdrawal syndromes. With this, an excellent alternative would be dark chocolates. It contains caffeine, but in smaller concentrations, making it less likely that you will suffer from threats.

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