35 Coffee Benefits For Our Life

Your Favorite cup of joe just got better and healthier!

Savor that invigorating aroma that tickles your senses and wakes you up every single morning. Give in to that black liquid that gives you the adrenaline rush and kicks up your early morning routine. Succumb to the addicting taste that envelops your palates in a comforting blanket. How’d you like yours, with a lump or two?

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Coffee has always been everyone’s favorite morning pill. That addicting taste makes you want to wake up early in the morning and savor what life has to offer. If you love coffee just as much as I do, you are in for a really big treat! Can you just imagine yourself getting up in the morning to find that your coffee maker is broken or your stock of this divine beverage just ran out? It will make you cranky, wouldn’t it?

It turns out that there is more than meets the palates when it comes to your regular cup of joe. Did you know that those magic coffee beans can prevent a plethora of diseases and syndromes? With the emerging lifestyle-related disease that sprout like mushrooms, the need to find a cure or better yet, a super food which can help our body combat these destructible diseases and symptoms has never been this vital. Anyone can be immobilized by these stream of diseases that can make one’s body more vulnerable to premature deterioration.

Prevention is always better than cure. With an array of amazing benefits, you can get from moderate consumption of your regular hot cup of brew, your love for this bitter nectar will be more valid. More and more researches recently have been backing up health claims of your espresso or your cappuccino. You will never look, or savor at coffee the same way again.

This healthy concoction is brewing a myriad of benefits for you. There are several dimensions in which we can benefit from coffee-prevents diseases and syndromes, beauty, physical activity and workout, optimum functioning of major organs, well-balanced diet and emotional well-being.

Prevents diseases and syndromes

1. Heart diseases and stroke

Your regular cup of joe can help lower the risk of heart attack and strokes in men and women. A scientific study conducted recently and scientists were able to arrive at a conclusion that people who consume about 1-3 cups a day of this hot brew are 20 percent less likely to be diagnosed with any heart malfunctions, such as arrhythmia, as compared to those who are skipping the coffee.

It was also reported that people who savor the addicting taste of coffee have 20 percent less chance of developing a stroke than those who don’t. Though drinking coffee won’t necessarily eliminate one’s risk of acquiring any heart related malfunctions. There are strong studies that suggest that moderate consultation when coupled with a sensible diet and regular physical activity can significantly lower one’s risks.

More reasons to fall in love with your daily dose of sublime taste! For those who are consuming 3-4 cups a day, you are doing your heart a huge favor. This particular amount of consumption was reported to result to have the greatest decrease in cardiovascular mortality. These people tend to have lower chances of having calcium deposited in their coronary arteries as well. Since an increased presence of plaque on the arteries is caused by calcium deposits, an increasing amount of this mineral in your heart can make you more likely to suffer from coronary artery diseases.

But do take note that anything in excess. Too much of even the good stuff can be bad for your health. It can overcome the benefits. So just stick to a maximum of 3-4 cups a day to not tax your body with excess energy filled fluid. When you fall in love, set something aside for yourself, the same goes with your cup of java or that café latte! Excess is not always good.

2. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

Drinking about 3 cups of this divine concoction can help stave off Alzheimer’s disease in elderly people. Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s results from a continuous decline in the cognitive function of the brain. Regular consumption of this world’s favorite drink may somehow prevent the onset of this frustrating disease.

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Beta amyloid, is a certain type of destructive protein that is dominant in the brains of elderly folks diagnosed with the disease. About 50 percent of elderly people struck with Alzheimer’s have an increased number of this protein in their brain cells.

Backed by scientific studies and recent researches, a moderate consumption of caffeine and coffee can help prevent the build-up of this destructive protein, thus delaying the onset of the disease. Polyphenols, which are also present in considerable amounts in your hot brew, can protect the brain from cognitive decline that might result to Alzheimer’s disease. Enjoying your coffee break has never been this rewarding!

3. May prevent Parkinson’s disease

Your love for this morning staple might curb your risk of developing Parkinson disease. Drinking at least 3 glasses of organic brew from roasted beans is inversely related to the onset of this disease. Even for those who are already suffering from Parkinson’s, studies have shown that moderate coffee consumption can help improve motor control.

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If you love coffee, it will surely love you back, in tenfolds that is! Caffeine and coffee, in suggested amounts, can slow the development of this progressive movement disorder. It seems like caffeine, which usually had a bad reputation in terms health, has the capacity to block a malfunctioning brain signal for those who are at risk of developing Parkinson’s.

4. Delays onset of dementia

Two to three cups a day of coffee will surely keep the doctor away, and it can even delay the onset of dementia in elderly people. This condition which is characterized by severe loss of memory caused by unexplained physical changes in the brain can result from a plethora of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s disease and a lot more. With a lot of people traveling to the funnel of aging every day, dementia is inevitable. Prevalence of this syndrome is expected to rise up in the next 20 years. The positive effect of caffeine and coffee is vital to somehow reduce this fluctuation.

Studies have shown that both caffeine and coffee have the ability to slow down and delay the onset of dementia. Especially for elderly women, those who have been consuming more coffee has lower risk of severe loss of memory and mental skills that can hinder them from doing their daily activities. A consumption of more than 261 mg of caffeine on a daily basis somehow resulted to a decline in one’s risk to succumb to this mentally impaling condition.

5. Protects against gout

Long term consumption of this delicious beverage is found to have a correlation with a lowered incidence of gout risk. Especially for women, those who were consuming 3-4 cups of decaffeinated coffee are about 22- 57 percent less likely to suffer from this type of inflammatory arthritis. Women will have more valid reasons to enjoy more than one cup of coffee a day, as a single cup of decaf may reduce their risk up to 23 percent!

This protective barrier was attributed to the high levels of antioxidants in your decaf coffee. As these antioxidants decrease unhealthy insulin levels, it resulted to the lowered amount of uric acids in the blood. Uric acids are known to be the main culprit of gout and arthritis.Even regular coffee has been shown to contain these gout fighting factors. Similar findings were also observed in men, with 3-4 cups a day resulting to a massive 40-60 percent less likelihood of developing gout and arthritis. I am pretty sure you are brewing another batch of that hot dreamy liquid by now!

6. May help lower incidence of asthma attacks

According to some clinical studies, this magical black cup of happiness is akin to an herb, which can help in the treatment of some acute disorders such as asthma. Caffeine and coffee have been studied to behave the same way like theophylline, a common drug utilized to treat and relieve asthma attacks. This drug acts as a bronchodilator which opens up the airways and relieves symptoms relative to asthma such as wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Caffeine may act as a mild bronchodilator.

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Studies have been carried out to check the efficacy of caffeine in coffee and other beverages containing caffeine such as carbonated sodas and teas. Caffeine in coffee reduced the flare-ups of asthma by up to 33 percent, while the caffeine in sugar-laden beverages did not.

7. Lowers risk of acquiring multiple sclerosis (MS)

Coffee is indeed a great way to start your mornings. Coffeeholics who have been drinking their black coffee every single morning may lower risk of getting MS in their lifetime. This long-lasting chronic disease that attacks your central nervous system can affect anyone of any age. In severe cases, it can lead to paralysis.

You can start forming a protective barrier for your brain against this disease by starting your day with a good cup of hot and organic black coffee. Coffee seems to have neuroprotective properties that hinder the formation of cytokines, which are responsible for the disease. Neural inflammation is responsible for triggering MS as well, Coffee has anti-inflammatory properties that may shield your brain from inflammation.

You may add a lump of sugar and maybe some milk to balance the bitter taste, just do not overwhelm it with too much sugar and additives as this can hinder you from maximizing its benefits.

8. May help prevent type 2 diabetes

Your love affair with the world’s most coveted drink will grow more with this recent research backed claim. A single serving of an unadulterated cup of joe may decrease your chances of acquiring type 2 diabetes by 9 percent. If you are regularly consuming these miracle bitter beans, imagine how much you are lowering your risk of getting this emerging lifestyle related disease.

Coffee is very rich in magnesium and chromium; these two minerals aid the body in its use of insulin and control the glucose. It may also inhibit postprandial hyperglycemia or the chances that the blood sugar rises after a meal.

So, what do I mean by unadulterated coffee? Try to skip the artificially flavored gem or those drizzled with too much caramel, syrup, and fat. Enjoy this bitter brew with a little milk, maybe with a lump or two to maximize its full potential in combating this disease.

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9. Can relieve migraines and headaches

If you have always been bothered by that run of the mill tension headache or a migraine, no need to swallow that pain reliever. Did you know that your favorite brew can help relieve these nasty headaches?

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Caffeine in coffee is also the main ingredient in several pain relievers like aspirin and acetaminophen, You can go for the natural remedy and drink a cup of coffee instead to relieve the pain. Caffeine can release dopamine and triggers the brain’s pleasure center to become active. By increasing the pleasure sensation in the brain, caffeine decreases the negative effect of a migraine headache.

However, you should determine first how your body reacts to caffeine. If you have the caffeine sensitivity, moderate consumption of coffee may also trigger a headache. If you have a love-hate relationship with this famous brew, minimize intake to 1-2 cups a day.

10. May help prevent several types of cancer

Coffee seems to help our body form a protective barrier against one of the most dreaded disease of humankind- cancer. A number of studies reflected that your dependable morning concoction offers a plethora of benefits against several types of cancer. Or almost all of it.

Feel free to enjoy that warm cup of decaf or caffeinated coffee or sip that cold brew. Moderate coffee consumption is closely related to a decreased incidence of colorectal cancer. Your morning coffee will already provide this benefit if consumed on a regular basis. Coffee lovers who drank 3 cups of their must-have beverage can lessen their risk twice as much.

It can also reduce men’s risk of prostate cancer by 20 percent and lower women’s risk of acquiring endometrial cancer by a whopping 25 percent. So why not call your friends and discus this wonderful benefits over a cup of hot brewed coffee?

Our good old cup of joe can also lower your chances of getting oral cancer such as the mouth and upper throat cancer. It seems like this mood upper can also protect you from skin, liver and breast cancer too.That’s a lot more reason to reward yourself with your favorite brew! Or make that two!

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This amazing anti-cancer property of coffee is attributed to the rich polyphenols and antioxidants present in this aromatic drink. Who would have thought that this once negated concoction has the capacity to load our immune system with these amazing benefits?

Beauty Care

11. Reduce under eye circles

Your favorite hot cup of drink can also brighten up those tired looking peepers and reduce those dark eyebags you’ve been having since those late-night movie marathons. Those unsightly panda bear like patches under your eyes may be caused by a variety of reasons such as sleep deprivation, stress, allergies and even your genes.

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While the caffeine in coffee cannot directly address the root cause of the problem, it can offer a quick fix solution to relieve those saggy bags resting underneath your eyes. The anti-inflammatory properties of coffee and caffeine reduce the swelling and the puffiness of your eye bags. Aside from that ballooning small sac, your old brew can also lighten the dark shadows that are associated with eye bags. Coffee aids in better blood circulation thus reducing the accumulation of blood under your eyes.

Before throwing those used coffee beans in the trash bin, you can store them in the fridge and keep them for a cost-effective eye bag remedy at your very own home! Add a bit of coconut oil for better skin absorption and there you have it, your organic, safe and effective eye bag remedy. No need to put up with those panda-like eyes, reuse your used coffee beans and look years younger!

12. Great for hair

If you are allergic to several commercial shampoos in the market, coffee is indeed the perfect solution for you. Did you know that this delicious concoction can be used as an alternative to your regular shampoo? Your cup of joe certainly had his days at the salon, coffee grounds can clean and exfoliate your hair of grime and dirt. If you have a ton of chemical laden products that will not wash off with water, coffee will instantly remove these stubborn products.

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It is a very effective, safe and natural cleanser and shampoo which can make your hair really shine with vitality. And oh, did I mention that it can also add that lovely tint to your hair. If you want a temporary and safe hair coloring solution, the answer is brewing in your kitchen.

13. Can be used as a scrub

Have you noticed that more and more cosmetic companies are incorporating natural products in their newest line? Coffee is one of the natural ingredients that is starting to make waves in the beauty industry. During the ancient times, it was used by royalties to cleanse and nourish their skin. Ever wondered why Cleopatra had such radiantly blooming skin that won the hearts of many men? Coffee is indeed one of those ancient secrets, and we all have been drinking it every day without a clue.

Most spas nowadays have been using coffee and coconut oil as primary ingredients for some of their signature body scrubs. No need the head to those expensive spas, you can have it right at your home with your used coffee grounds!

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With antioxidants abundant in coffee, this will make your skin younger, appear more elastic and make fine lines and wrinkles less prominent. Its anti-inflammatory properties will even out your skin tone and give you that rosy white glow.

Coffee can also lessen that unsightly orange like patterns on your legs and thighs. It can dehydrate fatty cells, making the appearance of cellulites less evident. You can even use instant coffee as an alternative to your more expensive spa products. Make heavenly and cost effective concoction at home by mixing your used grounds with a little coconut oil.

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14. May prevent and treat baldness

Men who experience some sort of baldness as a result of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone can find great relief in their morning staple. Coffee and caffeine can stimulate hair growth. It can be applied topically and wait to sit for about two minutes for a deeper penetration.

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Caffeine acts as a stimulant for the hair follicles and blocks the male hormone that is responsible for wreaking havoc, or more like a lawn, on your head. Women who are experiencing hair loss will alsobenefit from the bitter brew.

Physical activity and workout

15. Lessens muscle pain

If you are suffering from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) or that lingering pain in your muscles after a day or two of working out, you will be delighted with the relief that you can get from your cup of brew.

According to several studies and researches, coffee seems to have a pain reducing the effect on individuals who have just finished their exercise routine. The decrease in percentage is even lower than those who have taken anti-pain medications.

You’d be surprised to find out what other components in coffee makes it possible to curb post-workout pain even after three days. A group of researchers found out that some isolated protein fragments of coffee have the same properties as morphine. Now that explains why it can cut pain and DOMS!

16. Fuel physical performance

Before, coffee was deemed inappropriate to consume before and after the workout because of its dehydrating effect which can hamper your workout performance. However, recent studies suggest that a moderate consumption of your favorite cup can help you maximize your physical activity.

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How much coffee can you take if you are working out? Experts noted that consumption of 3-5 cups a day doesn’t have a dehydrating effect which can hinder your physical performance. In fact, some researchers hinted that caffeine helps the body fight fatigue so that you can finish the reps and sets.

Caffeine is a known as a performance enhancer and has the ability to make you perceive lesser pain. Your good old cup of joe can ignite your endurance as well. Coffee increases the number of fatty acids in the blood. The fatty acids in the blood then get burned for additional fuel, allowing you to withstand intensive training and exercise.

If you are asking how much can you take prior to working out, it will actually depend on your body’s sensitivity to caffeine. Just don’t consume your full day’s allowance in one seating.

17. Burns fat and weight loss

When supplemented with a proper diet and regular exercise routine, coffee may actually help you trim off those excess bulges you’ve gained over the weekends. Caffeine and coffee may help speed up your metabolism by up to 3-11 percent.

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The higher metabolism you have, the faster you will be able to burn fat. With caffeine’s ability to increase production of fatty acids in the bloodstream, you can now utilize your stubborn fats as an energy source. Yes, caffeine can help you burn those fats.

If you want to maximize the fat burning ability of caffeine, just stick to black coffee. Ditch your mocha frappuccino for a hot cup of old fashioned brew. Excess sugar and additives in frappuccinos and coffee sweetened beverages can add up to the calories that you are trying to burn.

18. More energetic

Have you tried sipping a cup of black coffee prior to your next circuit training or your spinning class? just exactly what is it in coffee that makes you more energetic? Coffee messes with your central nervous system, well, in a good way that is.

It increases the release of dopamine in your brain, making you more energetic and happier when you are exercising. This addicting brew can make you feel less strenuous, making it seem like you have a bundle of energy up on your sleeves.

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Coffee can jumpstart your brain, the same way that it does to your body. It allows norepinephrine, or what is commonly known as adrenaline to rush into your bloodstream, providing you with an intense burst of energy that will make you last throughout your entire workout session.

Optimum functioning of major organs

19. Protects the brain

Prevents cognitive decline and memory loss

Studies have shown that regular consumption of moderate amounts of coffee protects your brain’s cognitive functions and prevents mental degradation. elderly people who haven’t’ been missing out on their regular coffee breaks have fewer chances of developing the disease that primarily affects the brain’s optimum functioning like Alzheimer’s disease.

Coffee increases blood flow to the brain, supporting cognitive functions. It also hinders the abnormal protein, amyloid beta, from making your brain cells a sanctuary. You can actually protect your brain from memory loss with your regular coffee break. Amyloid beta is closely linked to cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

Can make you smarter?

Coffee stimulates our nervous system, making you more focused and concentrated, that is actually the primary reason why it is a well-loved beverage in the morning. More than your pancakes and toast, this is probably the first thing in your mind when you wake up.

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Making time for your favorite java can prep up your brain for the day’s activity. Aside from supporting cognitive functions of the brain, coffee enhances the brain’s mood, vigilance and reaction time. More reasons to drink up, as if you still needed one!

20. Kidneys

This widely consumed beverage has rich bioactive compounds that can particularly prevent kidney disorders and diseases such as kidney cancer. Recent studies have shown that your best brew can protect your kidney and has the capacity to kill renal cancer cells.

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For dialysis patients, coffee consumption especially in middle-aged women showed improved functions of the kidney. The polyphenols and antioxidants present in this bitter brew form a shield of armor for the body’s cells against oxidative damage of free radicals. Drink up your favorite blend and bask in the benefits that it can offer to your entire body, not to mention you are giving your palates a treat!

21. Pancreas

Excessive alcohol intake damages the pancreas and causes severe inflammation, leading to a condition known as pancreatitis. It is amazing how the world’s most famous drink can reduce the damaging effect of alcohol on the pancreas.

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Though the exact mechanism of how coffee protects the pancreas is still unknown, most scientists hint that your cup of joe can close special channels within the cells to reduce the extent of the damage caused by the alcohol. This mechanism can also be linked to the anti-inflammatory properties of coffee.

22. Liver

Coffee has been a miracle whipping drink since the ancient times but is only recently that sufficient scientific research was made to back up its claims. As a more natural approach to wellness is being sought after by a majority of the population, it is your morning brew’s time to shine. Coffee can protect one of the most vital organs of our body-the liver.

The liver is a powerhouse of major processes that is essential for our body’s optimum functioning. It manufactures blood clotting proteins and around 80 percent of your cholesterol. It also cleans and filters your blood, breaks down hormones, regulates sugar, makes bile for digestion and helps eliminate toxins from our body. That is why when something goes wrong in your liver, your entire body functioning is affected and can quickly deteriorate.

Organic coffee seems to offer the best benefit to having a resilient liver. so, make sure you are savoring an unadulterated cup of joe, one that is free from pesticides and herbicides.

23. Eyes

For some elderly folks, glaucoma is inevitable. Your favorite java seems to have answers to most of the syndromes and diseases! well, almost. Your favorite brew has an antioxidant that can battle the effects of this disease.

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CLA. Or chlorogenic acid is a type of antioxidant that can help retinal damage caused by aging and glaucoma. It lessens the oxidative stress on the thin tissue layer of the retinas.

24. Teeth

While coffee can stain your pearly whites for a while, it can also offer protection to prevent them from falling out. The anti-inflammatory properties of coffee protect your teeth, gums and jaw bone from harboring periodontal disease.In a study, people who consume about 2-3 cups of coffee every day are less likely to have their teeth fall out than those who don’t.

This aromatic drink also has trigonelline, an antibacterial compound that may help your chompers combat dental caries and cavities, keeping them in your mouth longer. So maybe the sacrifice of having your teeth stain for a while may be worth it.

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25. Digestive system

Are you one of those people who need coffee in the morning to help them regularly go? You are not alone. A lot of coffee drinkers recognizes coffee’s ability to aid in the body’s digestion and helps them maintain regular habits of visiting the lavatory.

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Coffee can relieve constipation and sugar absorption, making it easier for you to maintain regular bowel habits. According to some studies, it can also increase Bifidobacterium, a beneficial bacterium for gastrointestinal flora.

Well-balanced diet

26. Has essential nutrients

Your regular caffeine fix has some essential nutrients packed up in its sleeves. Coffee contains several vitamins and minerals that are vital to the optimum functioning of the body and the development of its cells. It is rich in vitamin B12. B5, magnesium, niacin, manganese and potassium.

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Just a cup of your favorite java or espresso can meet 11 percent RDA of vitamin B2. That’s just in a single serving. Average consumption is estimated to be between 3-4 cups in a day. These nutrients have a specific role in protecting your body against diseases. For instance, vitamin B2 breaks down nutrients in the body, allowing for better absorption into the body’ cells. Vitamin B5 is responsible for a healthy gut and aids your adrenal glands in its functioning.

Who would have ever thought that your usual habit of steeping roasted and finely ground beans in water can reward your health this much?

27. Has antioxidants and polyphenols

A cup a day will surely keep the doctor away… and ward off a myriad of life threatening diseases! Your favorite latte surely has several powerful and potent stuff embedded in every bean. Coffee is a very rich source of antioxidants and polyphenols. In fact, according to a US survey, it is the number one source of antioxidants of Americans, even topping that of tea, fruits, and veggies.

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Antioxidants and polyphenols protect your body from oxidative damage and free radicals, it is the main mechanism behind coffee’s massive armory against cancer. These potent fighters also curb inflammation, which is the major cause of most chronic diseases. So many happy reasons to justify your addiction to your favorite latte!

28. USDA recommendations for better health

According to USDA’s 2015 new dietary guidelines, coffee consumption of about 3-5 cups each day can contribute to optimum health.There is a large increase in nutrient related chronic diseases both in the adult and the adolescent stage. Lifestyle emerging diseases such as diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular illnesses and obesity are some of the things that can invade your health and rob your body of a sustainable life.

With all the scientifically proven benefits of your java to your overall health, mental and emotional well-being as well, it was finally given the proper acknowledgment that is due. Gone are the days when drinking coffee equates to a pool of negative consequences. Now you would not feel guilty anymore if you’re going to take a third cup for the day! You will even be doing your body a favor.

29. Prevents premature death and promotes longevity

Since your favorite brewed concoction can prevent an array of life-threatening diseases such as cancer, stroke and other heart-related illnesses, neurodegenerative syndromes while supporting the better functioning of the body, it is no wonder why it can prevent premature death as well.

In fact, in some studies, moderate consumption of your cup of joe is inversely related to early death. And elderly folks will be rewarded with a more enjoyable life as they curb their chances of getting Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and glaucoma among others. It will nevertheless, improve their quality of life.

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As the antioxidants and polyphenols ward off the effects of the free radicals, it preserves the integrity of your cells, keeping aging at bay. No wonder it does amazing benefits to your skin as well! Maybe that explains why more java enthusiasts are living longer than those who don’t drink coffee at all. Further research is still needed to make this claim 100 verifiable, but it is slowly getting there!

30. Increased fiber intake

If you want to increase your daily fiber intake, adding coffee to your daily norms will add up to about 1.8 grams of fiber.

Your favorite java is the only common beverage that has as much fiber. Increasing your fiber intake will make your regular trip to the lavatory a possible one. With the sufficient fiber, a cup of brew contains, it can dramatically prevent constipation in most individuals.It is even amazing to note that some of the fiber in the beans itself may find its way into your mug, coffee actually contains more fiber than your orange or wine.

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Emotional well-being

31. Mood booster

Have you ever wondered why the mere smell of coffee makes you happy? You are having such a bad day and you went to your local café to order your favorite latte. As you sniff the heavenly aroma , everything suddenly became better. It is very interesting what kind of power coffee has over one’s emotions.

Here’s the answer. The caffeine in your coffee has the ability to bind to the receptors of the neurotransmitters that are responsible for your moods. Dopamine is released. this type of neurotransmitter makes you feel happy and pleasant.

Your favorite blend actually has the magical ability to tap into every chord of your emotions. Savoring the aroma of a single cup can actually make a ray of sunshine put off that gloomy day. As what they say, everything gets better with coffee, any type of conversation that is.

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Dopamine is actually contained in several drugs that causes euphoria, such as ecstasy and cocaine. So instead of hitting on these dangerous substances to get that happy cloud going, why not indulge in a cup of two of your favorite brew? You’d be feeling the same level of happiness, minus the unpleasant effects of these drugs.

32. Prevents suicide and depression

Coffee can make you happy and it can change a bad mood. Needless to say, long-term consumption of coffee can ward off the impending depression that might lead to suicide.

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Unlike anti-depressant and some drugs, coffee can continually tap into our brain’s happy chord and every reward system where your brain is involved. Coffee can actually be considered as medical elixir which can mimic the happiness bout brought about by harmful substances such as cocaine.

As you consume your favorite brew, you are also getting all the benefits it can give to your body. Studies show that about four cups a day can decrease depression in women. Now, are you still pondering why your best bud will tag you along for a coffee drink whenever are feeling constantly down? Well, along with a good companionship, coffee is doing its magic with your brain.

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33. Against stress

Having a very bad day at work? Drinking coffee can help you cope up with stress.

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Since caffeine and coffee have the power to tap into that happy place in your brain, it can alter your mood. Your favorite blend can also keep you more focused, concentrated and alert. The combination of these two instances can make you manage stress better.

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Stress is everywhere, especially in your workplace. That is why a coffee break is essential to maintain one’s composure and sanity that is. Regular consumption of your java or espresso can keep your stress at bay.

34. Aphrodisiac

It is no doubt that coffee can liven up your mood. It also has the capacity to stimulate your sexual desire. As the caffeine in your brew stimulates the heart, there is an increased production of adrenaline in your blood and to the rest of your body.

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Studies have shown that regular coffee consumption lessens a man’s risk of erectile dysfunction. Coffee has actually been regarded as a powerful aphrodisiac for centuries. The lack of desire for pillow talks resulted from feeling tired, low energy and a bad mood. Since coffee can tap into your happy button and change your mood, the situation can change.

Coffee will also leave you feeling more alert as if you are ready to take on anything. The combination of those three factors may prove why coffee is indeed an aphrodisiac.

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35. And more and more benefits…


There are a lot of negations and controversies that abound your favorite drink. Let us take a look at these “cons” and see how we can still make the most out of that hot java cup.

Coffee can increase high blood pressure

Yes, in some way. Your cup of joe can cause a mild increase in blood pressure, but the effect is relatively short term. This increase may also wane over time. According to studies, the short-term elevation of blood pressure caused by coffee does not make one predisposed to any cardiac related diseases and stroke. In fact, it is inversely proportional.

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It can cause osteoporosis when taken in excess

Some chemical properties in coffee when taken in excess may hinder the absorption of calcium. That is why it is important to determine how much is a moderate consumption for you. For others it could be 2 cups, for some it could rise up to 5 cups.

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Scientifically, it is recommended to have around 3-4 servings of this bitter brew. But in some cases, it would depend on the sensitivity of the person if his body will allow him more. But in case you don’t have any means of telling and you don’t seem to be sensitive to caffeine, just stick to a maximum of 3-4 cups a day

High doses of caffeine can make you anxious and irritable

This is true but the amount when it comes to excess varies from one person to the other. Take into account your body’s reaction to caffeine to determine if you have a sensitivity to it if that is so limit it to 1-2 cups only a day.

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Daily consumption causes increase in blood sugar level

This can only happen if you are savoring caramel lattes and mocha frappuccinos. Go with the basic cup of joe, maybe even black just add a little sugar and milk to balance the tangy bitterness. Do not overload it with the fancy stuff, the cream, and the sugar. Overloading it with sugar will negate the positive benefits you can get from it.

Caffeine can worsen your insomnia

The caffeine in coffee can help us stay alert and awake. If you have problems hitting the sack every night, limit coffee intake to 1-2 cups a day and don’t consume any caffeinated beverages after 12 noon.

Coffee can cause dehydration. It has been said that as a diuretic, coffee will trigger the excessive need to urinate

This is true for those who are just starting to love coffee and are not yet accustomed to the effects of caffeine. But studies show that once your body becomes tolerant to coffee, moderate consumption provides no diuretic effect.


Ahh, the world’s favorite brew and a silver plate of benefits that it can provide us. Who wouldn’t’ fall in love with this hot, dreamy and aromatic concoction. The benefits of coffee further outweigh all the cons. And there are subtle twists that you can make in order to still get the benefits of your favorite blend in case you have caffeine sensitivity. But remember, too much of a good thing can still be bad for you. A healthy and well -balanced diet, adequate rest and sleep and regular exercise go well with the moderate consumption of your favorite blend. So go ahead and take that second cup of hot , brewed coffee and never feel guilty about it!

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