Best Garage Refrigerator: A Quick Guide on How to Choose and What to Buy

While a garage is a place that can keep your car sheltered in an environment that is away from the prying eyes of thieves, it can be functional in more ways than one. It can also convert into a workshop or a storage space. In some cases, it can also keep some appliances, including those that are still working, such as a garage refrigerator.

Best Garage Refrigerator

A garage refrigerator is basically a compact fridge. Obviously, it is placed in the garage and not in the kitchen. It basically serves the same purpose – to keep drinks and food cold. In most instances, this is a complement to a bigger fridge. Because of its compact size, however, you can also use it in offices, bedrooms, and even motorhomes, among others.

Are you looking for the best garage refrigerator that is available in the market today? If you do not know which one is best to purchase, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll share with you what we know. We’ll briefly tackle the essential factors to consider, and more importantly, five of the best products that are worth taking into account.

Essential Factors to Consider

To begin this guide, let us first have a quick look at some of the considerations that are worth being given emphasis.

garage refrigerator


When you refer to a fridge as a garage refrigerator, the automatic assumption is that it is compact. How small should it be? This is one thing that will all depend on individual factors. First, you need to determine the amount of space that is available. Second, you have to figure out the items that you will frequently keep in the fridge.

Aside from looking at the dimensions of the product, to be able to determine its size, you also have to take a look at its capacity, which is expressed in cubic feet. In most cases, the maximum capacity is 5.5 cubic feet.​


You also need to pay attention to the aesthetics of the garage refrigerator that you will choose, especially if you will keep it in an area that will be often seen by your guests. Even if you intend to just keep it in the garage, choose a color and design that will be attractive. A nostalgic and vintage design will surely brighten up your private space.


The design should not only be about aesthetics, but also about functionality. In this case, you also need to evaluate the options based on their interior. One of the things that you should be looking for is an adjustable shelving system. This means that you will be able to maximize the space depending on what you intend to keep in the fridge.

Also, it is better to choose a fridge with glass shelves rather than metal shelves. The latter is made from a solid piece, and hence, it will be easier to clean. Nonetheless, make sure that glass is strong enough to support weight.


Before buying a compact fridge, you should take time to read reviews from other people and use their experiences as a way to narrow down the options. Pay attention to what they are saying about the noise that the motor of the unit makes. True enough, it is annoying if it makes a loud noise, especially in a small space.


Do you need a fridge that comes with one or two doors? In most cases, a one-door model will be enough. Nonetheless, if you plan to keep frozen foods, you will benefit from one that comes with two doors. This will prevent frequent opening of the freezer and will help in the prevention of temperature fluctuations.

When it comes to the door, you will also benefit from picking one that is reversible, allowing you to open it either from the left or right side based on what is most convenient for you.


Like other appliances that you have at home, a garage refrigerator will consume electricity. Although it may seem surprising for some, a bigger fridge is more energy-efficient compared to their smaller counterparts. Look at the wattage to determine how much energy it will consume. Also, pick a product that comes with an Energy Star certification.


This is important basically because it will provide you with peace of mind. A good option is a garage fridge that comes with an extensive warranty coverage. Preferably, it should be more than a year. You can rely on their support if in case the product becomes defective, provided that you are not the one to be blamed for the issue.

Tips in Using Garage Refrigerators

To make the most out of your garage refrigerator, below are some of the tips that will be helpful

Tips in Using Garage Refrigerators

  • Choose the right position of the garage refrigerator. Make sure to keep it in a place where there is no direct heat. Otherwise, this will have an effect on the cooling efficiency of the appliance.
  • Inspect the rubber seal of the door, especially if the garage refrigerator has been used for several years. As a part of routine maintenance, make sure that it is still in a good shape. Otherwise, it is time to have it replaced. The rubber gasket will provide protection from warm air. If the door is always open, the fridge will use more energy.
  • Inspect the rubber seal of the door, especially if the garage refrigerator has been used for several years. As a part of routine maintenance, make sure that it is still in a good shape. Otherwise, it is time to have it replaced. The rubber gasket will provide protection from warm air. If the door is always open, the fridge will use more energy.
  • Check the temperature of the fridge and make sure that it is what the unit needs. This will entail the need to take a look at what is inside. Is the fridge in full capacity? If yes, then the highest setting might be needed. On the other hand, if you are only using the fridge for cold drinks and not frozen meats, a low setting may be more than enough.
  • Regular cleaning and defrosting will also be necessary. This will help to get rid of any foul odor and to maintain the unit in its tip-top condition even through the years. If you will be away for a long time, defrost the unit and throw away any perishables to avoid the interior from being smelly.
  • To get rid of an unpleasant smell in the fridge, there are some things that can prove to be effective. Cleaning it with a mixture of baking soda and water will do the trick. You can also leave baking soda in an open container. Charcoal and coffee grounds will also be equally effective in odor absorption.

The short video below shows some practical tips on how to organize a refrigerator, which will hold true even in the case of garage refrigerators:

Top Picks for the Best Garage Refrigerator

To make your search a lot easier, below are some of the products that deserve your attention. We will also note their main features, as well as the pros and cons. We hope that this will help you to come up with a well-informed choice.

Nostalgia Coca-Cola Series RRF300SDBCOKE Refrigerator

More than anything else, it is the aesthetics of this fridge that gives it a distinct advantage above many others within the competitive landscape. It has a nostalgic vintage design, which is sure to add character in your garage.

With 3.2 cubic feet capacity, this will be a space-efficient appliance to have, which is exactly what garage refrigerators are known for. Despite the compact design, however, the interior is spacious. It has adjustable shelves that will allow you to make the most out of the space that is available.

It comes with a thermostat dial control, which will let you set the temperature as desired. Inside, it also has a can dispenser and bottle storage.

Another thing that we loved about the design is that there is a bottle opener that is incorporated on the handle. This adds to the retro vibe of the fridge while also being a functional accessory, making it easy to open bottled drinks straight out of the refrigerator.


  • Has an attractive vintage design
  • Space-efficient design
  • Adjustable shelving


  • Motor can be a bit loud
  • May not last long

Avanti RA7316PST 2-Door Refrigerator

Even if it belongs to the category of garage refrigerators, this is a two-door fridge. The freezer is on the top, which some might find to be awkwardly small compared to the bottom part. The larger door has removable and adjustable shelves for better space efficiency.

This unit has dimensions of 55.75 x 41.75 x 23.5 inches. The capacity, on the other hand, is 7.4 cubic feet. It is a bit larger than most garage refrigerators, but still, it has a slim design that will make it perfect if you have space limitations.

Another thing that we love about the design of the door is that it is reversible. You can choose to open it from whatever side, depending if you are right or left-handed.

Lastly, the manufacturer guarantees that their refrigerator will be free from defects within the first 12 months of use. From the second to the third year, on the other hand, while the full warranty is no longer applicable, they will still change the compressor for free if it becomes defective.


  • Has an elegant platinum finish
  • Interior has several adjustments available
  • Energy-efficient


  • No auto-frost
  • Small freezer

Igloo FR329-RED Garage Fridge

The design of this garage refrigerator is one of the first things that will attract attention. It has a bright red color and a one-of-a-kind look that makes it the perfect addition to a garage, or even your own mancave.

Aside from the overall design, one more thing that we love about this fridge is that it is designed with four caster wheels. The latter makes it excellent in terms of mobility, allowing you to easily transfer the fridge from one position to another.

When you open the door of the fridge, you will see a crisper, drip tray, and can dispenser. It may be small, but the interior is spacious making it easy for you to stack more food and drinks.


  • Aesthetically-pleasing design
  • Has adjustable shelves
  • Operates quietly


  • Takes quite a while to get cold
  • A lot of complaints about being defective


SPT RF314SS Double-Door Refrigerator

With a capacity of 3.1 cubic feet, this is another excellent choice if you are on the lookout for the best garage refrigerator. It has dimensions of 19.9 x 18.5 x 33.5 inches. It may be small from the outside, but if you look at the interior, you will see that it is spacious enough.

The stainless steel door is also a good thing about this model. It looks good and will add a hint of elegance in any space where it will be used. Nonetheless, because of the material, you need to be careful as it can be easily prone to scratches.

Lastly, it has energy-star certification. The latter simply means that you can operate it without worrying that it will cause your energy bills to shoot up.


  • Has an elegant finish
  • Spacious interior
  • Operates with minimal noise


  • Surface can be easily prone to scratches
  • Can dispenser design seems a bit awkward

Avanti RA7306WT 2-Door Refrigerator

This is another compact garage refrigerator that promises plenty of space for what you need. It has two doors, which allows it to offer more storage. There are also easy to adjust shelves so that it can accommodate items of varying sizes.

With full range temperature control, you will be able to dictate how cold will the fridge function. Also, there is no need to worry if you are using the fridge all the time since it comes with an Energy-Star certification.

Lastly, it is also designed with leveling legs. This means that the unit will stay stable and prevent the possibility of tipping.


  • Has two doors
  • Energy-efficient
  • Quiet motor


  • Not long-lasting
  • Expensive


Indeed, the best garage refrigerator will be a nice supplement to your main fridge at home. It can even be your main refrigerator if you live in a dorm or a small apartment. You can also use it in the office. From the five products above, I believe that Nostalgia Coca-Cola Series RRF300SDBCOKE Refrigerator is the best, especially because of its attractive design and superior functionality.


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