Best Potato Masher: Which Provides The Best Bang For The Buck?

Do you love mashed potato? If you do, there is one must-have when it comes to the kitchen essentials – the best potato masher. The latter will make it easy to mash boiled potatoes and to achieve the texture that is desired. With its unique design, it can make your lives easier in more ways than one.

Early in the early 1840s, there is already a potato masher, but it exists in a different design. It is made only from a piece of wood. Through the years, it has evolved and were incorporated with different features. Choosing the best one can be an overwhelming task, but with this guide, you will earn insights on how to make the right decision.

What is a Potato Masher?

In its simplest sense, a potato masher refers to a food preparation equipment that is meant for crushing or mashing food that has been previously cooked, such as mashed potato. It has a handle that is linked to the mashing head. The head can have different designs, depending on the manufacturer of the masher.

​While we all know potato masher as an equipment that is used for mashed potatoes, Food Network suggests some of the clever ways to use it, such as for egg salad, chopped walnuts, broccoli soup, crumbled feta, cookie crumbs, and mashed broccoli, among others.

It should never be confused with a potato ricer, although they have some similarities in terms of their functions. While mashers are great, they leave lumps on potatoes, which result to a unique texture. If you want the mashed potato to be free from lumps, a potato ricer is what you should have instead.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Potato Masher

Can’t decide on what potato masher to purchase? To help you narrow down the choices, below are some factors you must consider:

  • Feedbacks: The first thing that you can do is to go online and read the reviews shared by other people. You can also ask around from people you personally know. The insights that they will share can be a good starting point in the evaluation of the possibilities.
  • Size: Generally speaking, the larger the potato masher is, the more potatoes it can mash within a given time. With this, consider the extent of use that you anticipate to easily decide about the right size.
  • Plate: Also referred to as the head, this is the one that gets in direct contact with the potato. It is better if it is larger, which can help to significantly speed up the job. Perforated plates are preferred over the zigzag design. The latter allows you to work with minimal effort on your end.
  • Handle: The design of the handle is equally important as the design of the head. It should be ergonomic, which means that using it will minimize fatigue. It should also be shaped in such a way that it will not easily slip, especially with the application of heavy pressure.
  • Material: This is an important consideration because it will have an effect on the quality and performance of the potato masher. Stainless steel is the most popular material. Make sure that it is not going to rust and that it will withstand wear and tear.
  • Comfort: If the potato masher often leads to discomfort, you will probably not like using it and it will only go to waste. From the design of the handle to the overall weight of the masher, pay attention to features that will make sure of your comfort. It should have a non-slip handle as well.
  • Ease of Cleaning: You should also choose a potato masher that will be a snap to clean and maintain. This means that it will be easy for you to keep it in its tip-top condition, even after many years of use.

Making the Best Mashed Potato

Yes, it will help if you have the best potato masher. Nonetheless, even if you have a topnotch product, this will never suffice. With this, here are some tips that will help you to prepare mashed potato that will surely be well-loved by everyone:

  • Using the right type of potato is one of the most important. Avoid fingerling and Red Bliss as they tend to be waxy. They have low levels of starch, which means that they won’t absorb dairy, and hence, achieving the desired consistency can be difficult.
  • Another important thing to do is to pay attention to the water. Salting will help the potato to absorb a little more flavor, and hence, it will not turn out bland. Do not also start cooking the potatoes in hot water as this can lead to inconsistency.
  • Choose the right flavorings. It is not enough that you add salt to the water. For sure, you want it to be tastier. With this, some of the most common choices are butter and hot cream. They can also improve the consistency of your mashed potato and not just its taste.
  • There is technique that will make sure it will end up fluffy. After the potato is drained, place the potatoes in a pot and do not cover it. Under medium-low heat, cook it again but do this only for a few minutes. Shake the pot and wait for moisture to evaporate. After this, you can now start mashing.
  • As much as possible, serve the mashed potato while it is hot. Like in the case of others, the longer it is left sitting, the higher is the possibility that they will end up gummy. When reheating, it is also important to choose the right method to ensure that it gets warm while retaining its texture.

Below is a quick recipe that will teach you how to make the perfect mashed potato:

Top Picks for the Best Potato Masher

If you are still having a hard time reaching a decision, here are five of the best products you might want to consider. We’ll briefly tackle not only their features, but also their pros and cons, making it easier to evaluate each product.

KUKPO High-quality Stainless Steel Potato Masher with Broad and Ergonomic Horizontal Handle

KUKPO High-quality Stainless Steel Potato Masher with Broad and Ergonomic Horizontal Handle

Among others, one thing that might draw your attention to this product is its cheap price. It is one of the most economical options within the product category, but this does not mean that quality is compromised. This product can offer excellent price to quality ratio.

The highly-innovative design of this masher gives it an edge above many others within the competition. The broad plate will make sure that it has wider coverage. Also, it comes with an ergonomic grip, which is vital for your highest level of comfort. It is easy to hold, and best of all, you will not have to exert too much effort.

Most of the potato mashers have vertical grip, which can be awkward to hold. The horizontal design of the handle of this product is a good thing since it is easier to hold. Plus, it can easily accommodate even a larger hand.

Lastly, it is also effortless to clean. You can clean it with just mild soap and warm water. It is made from a material that can resist fungi coming from the residues of potato, which is also a good thing.


  • Affordable price
  • Handle offers a comfortable grip
  • Stainless steel does not rust


  • Sharp edges
  • Can be prone to bending

Priority Chef Potato Ricer and Masher

Priority Chef Potato Ricer and Masher

The stainless steel construction of this potato masher is one thing that makes it impressive. It looks elegant and it is also rust-proof. Even through the years, it will still look at its best and will perform at its peak condition.

It is also worth noting that there is a non-slip cover on the bottom of the base. This will make it easier to hold the masher. However, as some people complained, the handle can easily get hot.

If you are looking for an option that is excellent when it comes to versatility, you might love it as well. It functions beyond being a potato masher. You can use it even for making fresh juices or processing baby food.

Lastly, this can also be an impressive choice because it is dishwasher-safe. With the latter, cleaning the product should be effortless.


  • Can be good for multiple applications
  • Produces fluffy and smooth mashed potato
  • Stainless steel construction


  • Can be exhausting for many potatoes
  • Easily gets hot when potato is hot

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Masher with Cushioned Handle

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Masher with Cushioned Handle

The rubber handle is one feature that you might find to be exceptional in this product. The latter is well-cushioned, which will be vital for your comfort. It is also a good thing that it has non-slip construction, which means that your hand will never slip even if it is wet.

Another good thing about the handle is that it comes with a large hole, which will allow you to hang it when not used.

Its wire head, on the other hand, is made from durable stainless steel. Even after several years, it won’t rust. If there is one problem, it would be how there tends to be a big gap in between the curved blades.


  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • Stainless steel construction
  • User-friendly


  • Huge gap between the wire
  • The handle demonstrates too much flex

Nylon Potato Masher with Red Handle by Moskus Gear

Nylon Potato Masher with Red Handle by Moskus Gear

This is one of the most eye-catching potato mashers that you can find in the market. The color and the design will attract attention amongst your guests and will surely make them want to have one as well.

In terms of its functions and features, on the other hand, one that is worth commending is the heavy-duty nylon that is used as the main material. It is lighter compared to most of its competitors, but this does not mean that durability is compromised in any way.

The sleek red handle, which is made from high-quality rubber, is also a stand-out feature. It is not only beautiful, but it is also easy to hold. It is made in such a way that your hand will not easily slip, regardless of the pressure that is applied when mashing.

With regards to cleaning and maintenance, this can also be an exceptional product. Aside from the fact that it is dishwasher-safe, it also inhibits the growth of bacteria. It remains smelling fresh and it also does not retain too much moisture.


  • Stylish
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable handle


  • Can be a bit small
  • Mashing a lot of potatoes will take a while

KitchenAid Gourmet Wire Masher, Black

KitchenAid Gourmet Wire Masher, Black

The space-saving design and affordable price of this potato masher are just two of the reasons why you might want to include this in your list of choices. It is compact and comes with a hole in the handle for hanging.

The head is made from stainless steel. This is a material that is known for being long-lasting, which is why you can expect this product to be a reliable kitchen companion even through the years.

Another good reason to invest in this masher is the fact that it is multipurpose. The zigzag design of the head will make it equally effective in mashing other ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables.


  • Made by a trusted brand
  • Easy to use
  • Durable construction


  • Can be awkward to handle
  • Not as efficient as others


In sum, the best potato masher will surely be a great addition for your kitchen. While it is mostly used for mashed potatoes, it has multiple other applications, such as when crumbling cheese and mashing broccoli. With its innovative design, it can make tasks in the kitchen a lot easier.

From the options we have briefly tackled above, one that I personally believe is better than all others is KUKPO High-quality Stainless Steel Potato Masher with Broad and Ergonomic Horizontal Handle. The latter is an affordable product made from stainless steel. It has an innovative design that will allow you to do more in less time and without exerting too much effort.

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