Best Rotisserie Oven: Finding the Perfect Appliance for your Kitchen

If you love preparing food at home, even if you are not a chef, it will be easy to come up with something that is delicious. Among others, you need to invest in the right kitchen appliance, which will make your life a lot easier. In this case, one that you will need to have is the best rotisserie oven, which can be useful for a wide array of recipes.

best rotisserie oven

Thinking of which rotisserie oven is best to purchase? Clueless of how to pick the right one? Keep on reading the rest of this post, and for sure, you will learn a thing or two from our discussions. We aim to help you make a well-informed decision and to not choose a product only on the basis of price or be a victim of false marketing.

To put it simply, it is an oven with spits that rotate when cooking. Because of the rotation, it is able to cover the meat with the juices that drip, making it more flavorful. While most have one to two spits, there are some commercial models that are larger and have more spits.

There are many benefits of cooking in a rotisserie oven. One worth noting is the fact that it is quicker than a traditional oven since it heats faster. It also cooks the meat more consistently as it constantly rotates. To add, meat also tends to be healthier as the fats drip on the tray while the juices add more flavor to the meat.

Types of Rotisserie Oven

In your search for the best option that you can find in the market, one of the first things that you should do is to decide which type works best for your needs.

Types of Rotisserie Oven

  • Horizontal Rotisserie:This is the more common type from the two. It is a good way to contain the juices of the meat for more flavorful cooking. It is able to cook meat quicker and makes sure that all sides are heated consistently.
  • Vertical Rotisserie:Because it is taller and narrower, this tends to be a better option when it comes to space efficiency. You do not have to worry that much about balancing the meat, which is a common problem in horizonal rotisserie.

Choosing a Rotisserie Oven

Aside from deciding on which type is better suited for your needs, you also have to consider the factors that will be briefly mentioned below

  • Size:Think about how much space is available in the kitchen and how much do you intend to cook to determine which size is best. In the case of most models, rotisserie ovens have a capacity of three to five pounds of meat.
  • Ease of Use:You have to pick a rotisserie oven that lacks complications. There should be controls that are positioned strategically. The manufacturer must provide comprehensive instructions on how to use the rotisserie oven.
  • Functions:There are some models with a dedicated function solely as a rotisserie even. If you want value for money, look for a multipurpose rotisserie oven. There are some that you can use even for broiling, defrosting, grilling, and even for baking.
  • Controls:It is good to pick a model that will allow you to have complete control of the rotisserie oven. The most important is temperature control, which you must be able to adjust based on what cooking requires. For your convenience, it will also be good if the unit comes with a timer.
  • Design:A rotisserie oven is an appliance that will be exposed in the kitchen. With this, be sure to consider aesthetics as well in your search for the best. It must perfectly blend with the look of the kitchen.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance:Look for a rotisserie oven that is effortless to clean and maintain. Both the interior and the exterior should not require too much effort in terms of cleaning, making it easier to keep the appliance in its best shape even through the years.
  • Warranty:This is an important consideration if you want to have peace of mind. It is better to pick one that comes with an extensive warranty coverage, which will allow you to enjoy free repair in case of a defect.

Tips in Using a Rotisserie Oven

To ensure having the most flavorful meat that is evenly cooked, below are some of the most important things to keep in mind:

  • Balancing the meat is one of the most important in rotisserie cooking. Be sure to place the meat in the middle. It must also be secured in its place. If there are parts that are loose, the meat might fall off the spit.
  • For a more flavorful cooking, you also need to pay attention to seasoning the meat. Marinades, dry rubs, and bastes are all important to achieve the flavor that you prefer. Basting during cooking is also necessary to make sure that the meat will end up being moist.
  • Check the quality of your meat. See to it that it is fresh so that it will be more flavorful. Look for excess fat in the neck and tail part. Have it removed. Use a paper towel to dry the chicken before seasoning.
  • Stuff the chicken with flavoring to make it tasty. Lemon, butter, and garlic are just some of the things that you can put inside the meat. They will release flavor and aroma that will surely make the meat more delicious.

Watch the short video below and learn more on how to cook chicken in a rotisserie oven:

Top Picks for the Best Rotisserie Oven

In this section, we will briefly tackle five of the products that you might want to consider. To convince you that they are amongst the best, we will also provide you with a glimpse of their notable features. We will also enumerate some of their pros and cons for a better evaluation of the possibilities.​

Hamilton Beach 31104 Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie

Among others, one of the reasons why we include this in the list of our top choices is because of its space-efficient design. While it is compact and ideal even for a small kitchen, it is good enough to accommodate two casseroles or two pizzas. It can also roast a whole 5-pound chicken.

The versatility of the unit is one more thing that makes this an exceptional kitchen appliance. Aside from being a rotisserie, it is also a convection oven. Under the convection function, you will be able to bake quicker compared to the time that it will take if you opt for a traditional oven.

You will also love the simplicity of the unit, making it user-friendly. You do not have to worry, even if you are a beginner in the kitchen. There are simple controls and the temperature is precise. Plus, it comes with a two-hour timer, which means that you can leave it on its own.

Lastly, more than being an economical option, it offers value for money because of the accessories that are already included, all of which are reflective of superior quality. There is a rack, skewer, pans, and drip tray, among others.


  • Economical price
  • Cooks and heats food consistently
  • Has adjustable temperature


  • Exterior can be prone to overheating
  • No light

Ronco ST5500SSGEN Series Rotisserie Oven

This appliance is sure to add life in the kitchen with its aesthetics. More than its design, its functionality is also worth noting. Even for busy and large households, this can prove to be an excellent investment. It can cook up to 30 pounds of meat in its two spits.

Feature-wise, one that is worth highlighting is the specialized heating, providing you with an assurance that the outcomes will be consistent. More importantly, this also means that you do not have to wait long before you are done cooking.

For lazy people or novices in the kitchen, this is an impressive choice as well. Basically, you can leave the work to the oven and you can keep yourself busy with other tasks. It has a convenient timer that is strategically positioned on the side of the unit.

As a versatile kitchen appliance, you will also be able to do more than roasting meat. Even for your sweet treats, the rotisserie oven can prove to be useful. Regardless of how you use it, you can be confident of achieving the best outcomes.


  • High capacity
  • Aesthetically-pleasing design
  • Efficient cooking


  • Door design is a bit awkward
  • Cleaning can be tricky

Hamilton Beach 31103A Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie

If you are looking for an option with an economical price, this is one product that you might want to consider. It is made by a reliable brand, yet it is impressive that it has a cost that won’t hurt the wallet.

It has a basic design that lacks the bells and whistles that you can find in more expensive options. For instance, there is no digital display. Instead, you get simple knobs in front of the unit. These knobs will allow you to make precise temperature adjustments to be assured of the right level of heat as you cook.

The size is small enough to make it easily fit even in a small kitchen counter. Nonetheless, it has a generous interior. There are two levels, allowing you to cook two pizzas at the time. When you remove the rack, on the other hand, it can fit meat that is up to five pounds.


  • Simple to use
  • Accurate temperature settings
  • Budget-friendly


  • Lacks a digital display
  • May not last long

Cuisinart TOB-200 Rotisserie Convection Oven

With 12 cooking functions, this will be a multifunctional addition in the kitchen. This will allow you to use the rotisserie oven for many recipes. Aside from the rotisserie and convection settings, you can also use it for baking, toasting, broiling, and even defrosting.

Since you can use it as a toaster, one feature that comes handy is the Always Even Toast Shade Control. The latter guarantees consistent color of your toasts. You can easily customize the number of bread slices you will be toasting to have an even shade.

The exact heat sensor is another feature that we love. This allows the unit to create heat at a consistent level for even cooking. It easily calibrates the heating elements of the unit for the best outcomes.


  • Spacious interior
  • User-friendly controls
  • Easy to clean


  • Knobs can easily be damaged
  • Grease pan is prone to warping

Ronco ST5000PLGEN Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition

This may not be the easiest to use for beginners, but this tops our list of choices for a rotisserie oven. There is quite a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you will appreciate this kitchen appliance for its unrivalled quality and performance.

One feature that we loved the most is the removable heat shield. You can use the latter for browning meat, making it easy to achieve the perfect color.

If you want a rotisserie oven that can deliver energy efficiency, you have another reason to make this your top pick. It uses 1/3 less energy than a traditional oven. It starts cooking immediately, which is one way by which it is able to save electricity.

At a height of only 13 inches, this can easily fit in most kitchens. The interior, on the other hand, is spacious. You can cook up to two chickens at a time. It is also worth noting that there are two cooking positions.

This is also exceptional as it can provide best bang for the buck because of the inclusions. Aside from the main unit, the package also includes oven gloves, food ties, non-stick drip tray, and a multipurpose basket.


  • Advanced functionality
  • Energy-efficient
  • Exterior stays cool


  • A bit complicated for beginners
  • Can be noisy


What is the best rotisserie oven in the market? While we may have different opinions, personally, I would pick Ronco ST5000PLGEN Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition. The latter comes with an innovative heating element and impressive energy efficiency. It guarantees consistent temperature throughout cooking.

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