Chock Full o’Nuts Coffee Review: Your Guide on What to Pick

If you ask several people about their favorite coffee brand, it is highly probable that you will be getting different answers. While they can utter different brands, one of the most popular is Chock Full o’Nuts, especially for New Yorkers. Despite the name, their products are made from 100% coffee and there are not nuts added.

Chock Full o’Nuts Coffee Review


What is the best coffee from Chock Full o’Nuts? If you are skeptic on what to choose, read this guide and we will extend a helping hand. We will let you know more about the history of the brand, as well as some of the factors that you might want to consider. Most importantly, we will highlight five of the top products that should definitely be part of your list.

About Chock Full o’Nuts

Before we proceed with the discussions in this buying guide, let us first take a look at what is Chock Full o’Nuts. In case you do not know, this is a coffee brand that hails from New York, a city where people have high standards, which already speaks a lot about the quality that you can expect from the company’s products.

Serving mostly the North American market, it was first introduced in 1932. It is a coffee shop, just like Starbucks. Similar to the latter, however, they also have coffee products. This allows their customers to enjoy the same high-quality drinks at the comfort of their own homes, and fortunately, at a fraction of the cost of drinking it in-store.​

The company has an extensive product line today. They have single serve coffee pods, which are known for being made using compostable materials. This shows the dedication of the company towards minimizing their environmental impact. They also have coffees that are packaged in cans and bricks, available at assorted flavors.

Caffeinated vs Decaf Coffee

Caffeinated vs Decaf Coffee


As you look for the best Chock Full o’Nuts coffee, you will notice that they are available in different categories. While there are various ways to differentiate them, one of the best is through the level of caffeine. With this, below are some of the choices that you will be confronted with:

  • Caffeinated: This is the best choice if you want to enjoy the maximum benefits of drinking coffee, such as its ability to stimulate the nervous system and to make you alert. Nonetheless, because of the caffeine in the drink, this can also lead to side effects, such as insomnia and palpitation, among others.
  • Decaf: Because the amount of caffeine is significantly reduced, you can expect that the flavor will no longer be that strong. This is perfect if you have developed sensitivity to caffeine. This will allow you to enjoy your coffee without having a hard time sleeping.

So, which one is the right choice for you? It depends on your personal preferences. Take note of the safe caffeine levels. According to the University of Illinois, it is safe to consume up to 300 milligrams of caffeine in a day, which should be equal to at least three cups of caffeinated coffee.

Different Roasting Levels

Coffee from Chock Full o’Nuts, similar to those that you can find from other companies, are made using beans that have been roasted at different levels. In this case, here are the different roast types and what you can expect from each of them:

  • Light Roast: Because of lightly roasting the beans, it is able to retain most of the original characteristics of the coffee. This type of coffee will have a high level of acidity.
  • Medium Roast: If you want your coffee to have the perfect balance of flavor and acidity, this is the perfect roasting level.
  • Dark Roast: As the name implies, the beans used in this coffee will exhibit the darkest color amongst the different roast levels. The coffee will have a burnt and bitter flavor.

Mistakes to Avoid when Making your Coffee

While Chock Full o’Nuts is one of the superior brands of coffee, its name is not a guarantee that you will come up with the best coffee all the time. With this, below are some of the most important things that you have to keep in mind:

  • Using Tap Water: This is one mistake that you should avoid at all costs. At its most basic, coffee is water. And hence, the quality of water will be largely indicative of the quality of your coffee. Filtered water is the best, which will be free from hard chemicals and impurities that can possibly alter the flavor and aroma of your caffeine fix.
  • Using the Wrong Coffee Grind: Take note that the quality of the grinds will also impact flavor. Start with determining the type of drink that you would like to prepare, and from here, you can decide on how coarse or fine the grinds need to be.
  • Using Less Coffee: When making coffee, quality is more important that quantity. With this, make sure to measure every cup and do not skimp on the coffee to avoid having bland drink.
  • Failing to Clean your Coffee Maker: Even if you have a newly-opened pack of Chock Full o’Nuts coffee, if your coffee maker is dirty, the taste will be inferior. Make sure to decalcify it from time to time. Clean it using mild detergent to avoid the soap from lingering in the coffee maker.
  • Not Reaching the Right Temperature of Water: According to the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, the ideal water temperature should be 92 to 96 degrees Celsius. This will help in the extraction of the optimal flavor from your coffee.
  • Improper Coffee Storage: Make sure to store your Chock Full o’Nuts coffee in a container with a tight seal. If air gets inside, the flavors can escape, and hence, you will end up making coffee with weak flavor.
  • Letting your Coffee Sit Too Long: This is one of the mortal sins when making and drinking coffee. Since coffee is best enjoyed when it is fresh, make sure to drink it when it is still hot. However, be careful to not burn your tongue and lips! Sip it slowly, but do not let it wait long.

Top 5 Chock Full o’Nuts Review

Below, you will learn more about five of the best choices that are amongst our favorites. We will also share with you some of the reasons why we like them.

Chock Full o’Nuts Coffee, Midtown Decaf Medium Roast

If you would like to lessen your caffeine intake but unwilling to completely let go of the idea of drinking coffee, this is one option that you will most probably love. While this is a medium roast coffee, it is decaffeinated.

Each box contains 12 single-serve cups. The cups are environmentally friendly, making it perfect for those who are conscious of how their actions can impact the environment. They are made using materials that can easily break down, and hence, they can be transformed into a compost, which will allow you to minimize waste.

The easy-flow filter design of the cup is also worth noting. With the latter, you can expect maximum extraction of flavor and aroma. This results to a better coffee experience, even considering the fact that this is decaf.

Lastly, it is also worth noting that it is made using 100% Arabica beans. For this reason, you can expect the flavor to be rich and smooth. Since it is a medium roast, acidity will not be too much of a concern.


  • Compostable
  • Rich and flavorful
  • Smooth


  • Can be watery and flat
  • Bottom is soft
Chock Full o’Nuts, Upper West Dark Roast

Since they are available in the form of K-cups, there is no need to worry about the preparation of your coffee. Your drink will be ready in no time and minimal effort will be required on your end. It is compatible with any coffee maker that can be used with coffee in the form of injectable capsules.

It is also worth noting that its filter is made from 100% compostable mesh, so you do not need to feel guilty of how they can negatively impact the environment. In commercial facilities, they can be easily recycled into a compost.

To add, they are also made using 100% Arabica beans, one of the reasons why the flavor will still linger on your mouth and the aroma will be noticeable, even if it is decaffeinated. It is made using only the best beans in the world, one thing that the company is known for.


  • Environmentally friendly K-cups
  • Easy and quick to prepare
  • Excellent medium roast


  • Lots of grounds can be left in the filter
  • Almost no caffeine
Chock Full o’Nuts Coffee, Soho Morning Mild Roast

Purity – this is one thing that you can expect from this coffee pod. It is made from 100% Arabica beans and never blended with anything else. There are no artificial flavorings, which will make it deliver a pleasant coffee drinking experience.

The mild roasting of the bean is also a plus, basically because the coffee is not too strong. This is ideal for those who like their coffee to be mild. Also, in one previous study, the conclusion was that lighter roasts can offer more antioxidants, which will be important in the prevention of cellular damage that can be caused by free radicals.

Soho is one of the best neighborhoods in New York, which is famed for its air of creativity. The manufacturer formulated their coffee to be reminiscent of such ambiance in ever sip – easy-going, but with a noticeable kick.


  • Affordable price
  • Smooth but not too light
  • Pods can be recycled


  • No perk-me up effect
  • Some might find it too weak
Chock Full o’Nuts Coffee, 100% Colombian Medium Roast

Similar to the three products that we have earlier mentioned in this post, its pods are compostable. They are made using a revolutionary technology that allows the material to break down in a commercial facility where they can be turned into a compost.

It is important to emphasize that it is made using 100% Colombian beans. The country is known as one of the best regions for growing coffee because of its excellent elevation and frost-free environment. These external conditions positively impact the flavor of the coffee.

Throughout the process of production, the coffee has undergone several stages of independent testing to ensure the quality of the output. For instance, it has a certification from the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation.


  • Made from high-quality Colombian roast
  • Medium roasting
  • Recyclable pods


  • Some might find flavor bland
  • Can produce lots of coffee grounds
Chock Full o’Nuts Ground Coffee, Original Blend

If you are looking for high-quality coffee that does not hurt the pocket, this should be part of your list of choices. Since this is ground coffee, all that you have to do is to mix it with water and you are ready to enjoy your caffeine fix.

I personally love how the coffee is packaged in a tin can. There is no need to transfer it in a separate container or jar. The can is hard and will not be easily penetrated by insects. There is also a tight lid, which will prevent flavors from escaping the ground coffee.

Lastly, it is a good thing that the price is hard to beat, especially given the fact that it is in a 48-ounce packaging. It can offer unrivalled value for money. This proves that you do not have to spend too much to enjoy good coffee.


  • Can make your coffee in an instant
  • Rich and flavorful
  • Affordable price


  • Can be stale
  • Weak for some people


In this Chock Full o’Nuts review, it is apparent that almost any product from the company can be considered as a clear winner. Nonetheless, if I have to pick only one, I would say that it is the Midtown Decaf Medium Roast. It has the perfect aroma and flavor, which is not too strong and not too weak. It is also made from compostable K-cups, making it good for the environment.

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