How Long Does Protein Powder Last: Make Sure It Won’t Spoil

Protein powder is a very popular substance, which is used by people who are trying to lose some weight or are in training. This is used as a dietary, often added to juice or smoothies. It comes in various forms and the common ones are soy, whey, and casein. Its common ingredients include things that expire such as soy, rice, and eggs.

How Long Does Protein Powder Last

If you want to know how long does protein powder last, read this post. I will be providing you information regarding its shelf life, proper storage, and how to tell if the powder has gone rancid. I hope by the end of this article that you will be able to tell, just by looking for the signs, if the protein powder you have has already gone bad.

How Long Does Protein Powder Last?

Protein powder is used if you want to grow, if you are starting a fitness program, if you are increasing your workout hours, or if you are recovering from an injury. It is very important to consume if you have a goal or if you are starting to commit to your health. To add, using protein powder when needed is vital if you want faster results.

Every container of the protein powder has its own sell-by or expiration date. The date is usually a year from the date it has been produced. It is also safe to assume that the protein powder is safe to consume at least a few years after the date indicated in the package has lapsed. In most cases, protein powder will still be edible for a year or two.

Health conscious people are the target market of the protein powder manufacturers and it is because of its health benefits. A lot of people consume them for weight loss purposes because it’s very easy to prepare. You just have to add water to a shaker and your protein juice is ready.

protein juice

One thing to note is that the longer the protein is stored, the less value it will be able to offer. According to studies, some nutrients break down because of chemical processes or simply put, the protein powder just loses its potency. With this, if you consume protein powder after its sell-by date, it won’t be able to provide you all the nutrients to need.

Protein powder is designed to last and there are a lot of brands that offer these products that can last up to a year or two past the production date. As mentioned above, all the containers will have an expiration date indicated. In addition, consuming “expired” protein powder is very much like consuming expired milk.

If you want to see a guide on how to use protein powder, click on the video link you can find below:

How Do You Properly Store Protein Powder?

Proper storage of protein powder is very important and very easy at the same time. Keeping your protein powder properly stored will make sure that it will not spoil as fast as unprotected ones. This is also a way so you can keep up with your healthy diet and it can prevent food wastage.

The protein powder’s container should be sealed tightly when it is stored. In addition, it has to be resealed just as tightly after you have used it. Protein powder tends to absorb moisture as much as it can that’s why keeping the container with its top tightly sealed is considered a very healthy practice.

How Do You Properly Store Protein Powder

Proper storage will keep moisture or liquid from getting anywhere near the powder. Keeping the container away from any heat source is also very important. A kitchen counter or cabinet is the best places for you store these containers as it is a cool and dry place, and is away from direct sunlight.

Protein powder is made from animal by-products such as dairy and eggs. Because of this, it is not recommended that you refrigerate the containers as these ingredients are already processed and dried up. Refrigerating your protein powder will only make the container vulnerable to all types of moisture and liquid.

How Do You Tell If The Protein Powder Is Already Bad?

As I have mentioned earlier, protein powder has a long shelf life and it will be fine to consume for up to a year or two, as long as it is properly stored. However, if you are curious as to how a rancid protein powder should appear, here are some tips on how you can tell. It is very easy and all you need are your senses.

First is to smell it. If the protein powder gives off a bad smell, you have to throw it away. Second is to look for any signs of unusual discoloration or an unpleasant appearance. If moisture got into the powder, it is also best to throw it away. If you are still not convinced, you have to perform a simple taste test.

Doing a small flavor test will convince you if the protein powder you have has already gone bad. You may use a small amount of powder and mix it with water. If it possesses an odd taste, it is also best that you discard it. Doing these simple tests will make sure that you are consuming unspoiled protein powder.


So, how long does protein powder last? According to the discussions above, it can still be good for a year or two after its production date. To summarize, here are some of the important points discussed above:

  • The shelf life of protein powder is solely dependent on how it is stored. If it is, you can still consume it for a year past its expiration date. You just have to remember to practice proper storage to prevent food spoilage.
  • The protein powder’s appearance, odor, and taste will be altered if it has already gone bad. The appearance will be unpleasant and will give off a bad smell. If you perform a small taste test, the flavor will be odd and it is best that you throw it away.
  • Proper protein powder storage includes keeping the container tightly sealed and should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from any kind of moisture. It is also not recommended that you refrigerate it.

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