How To Crack A Lobster: Learn How To Enjoy This Luxury Food Item

Lobster is considered a delicious luxury food item, one you can find and consume in five-star restaurants. When dining out, public embarrassment can get in the way between a seafood fan and the lobster. Cracking open a lobster is not a skill you can fake easily. For those without any knowledge on how to do it, the whole process may seem daunting.

how to crack a lobster

If you are curious on how to crack a lobster, this post is for you. If you read this post in its entirety, you will be enlightened as to how to do this task using different kinds of tools. Lobster is a considered a fancy food and knowing how to crack it is something you should know in order to save yourself from embarrassment.

What You Will Need To Crack A Lobster

  • Whole Cooked lobster
  • Lobster cracker
  • Bowl
  • Seafood scissors
  • Fork

Step-by-step Instructions On How To Crack A Lobster

As mentioned above, there are a lot of ways on how to crack open a lobster. This knowledge is essential especially if you are dining out. Doing this task is very easy and it only needs simple materials and little effort to do. Here’s how to do it using a lobster cracker:

Step-by-step Instructions On How To Crack A Lobster
  1. Wash your hands clean, as you will now be handling food.
  2. Wear the bib the restaurant provided for you. This is important, as there’s a lot of water inside the lobster and some may squirt out unexpectedly.
  3. Twist the claws of the lobster off.
  4. Using a lobster cracker, crack and knuckle each claw. Remove the meat inside the claws using a tiny fork. It should also be noted that you could do this using your hands. Its just easier and safer to crack open the claw using a lobster cracker.
  5. The tail of the lobster should now be separated form the body.
  6. Remove the tail flippers and extract the meat out of each one.
  7. Remove and throw away the black vein that runs through the entire length of the tail meat.
  8. Using a fork, push out the meat from the tail in once piece.
  9. Pull apart the shell of the body from the underside. You will notice a green substance, known as tomalley, and you should discard it.
  10. Crack the middle part of the underside.
  11. Extract the meat from the legs and its joints by biting and squeezing the meat out using your teeth.
  12. Wash your hands to get rid of the oil and you may now enjoy your lobster.

Cracking a lobster is not as easy as sticking up a fork on your turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Cracking a lobster needs skills, as well as the right tools. Here are the steps to follow if you are using a pair of seafood scissors:

Cracking a lobster
  1. Wash your hands thoroughly since you are now handling food.
  2. Use the bib provided by the restaurant to prevent water from the lobster to squirt onto your clothes.
  3. Remove the claws by holding the body of the lobster in one hand. Twist the claws off with the other.
  4. Remove the tail and separate it from the lobster’s body. Twist it and pull it apart using your hands. You have to be careful of the sharp exterior shells of the lobster.
  5. It should be noted that once you separate the head from the body, you must not throw it right away. There is lots of meat in it and you should get it first before discarding it.
  6. Pull the shell apart from the body and look inside the cavity. You will notice green stuff in it, also known as the lobster’s liver and you should remove it.
  7. If the lobster is female, you will find inside the cavity a black or red roe. That is what you call the lobster caviar. Be aware that if it’s black, it’s still uncooked. You have to steam it for a few more minutes until it turns red.
  8. Pull the pale-colored gills and the legs apart from the lobster’s body. Suck the juices and meats from the legs and joints.
  9. Using a fork, pick out the thin shells that separate the meat and you end up having at least half to three quarters of lobster meat.
  10. Back to the claws, you have to separate its joints to get the four pieces.
  11. Use a scissor to get rid of the shell so you can get the meat inside it. Using scissors is ideal, especially if you don’t want cracked up shell pieces to get into the lobster meat.
  12. With the tail, pick off its flaps and suck the meat and juices from the holes.
  13. Extract the meat you can find in the tail out of the shell in one piece. Insert your finger in the tail’s base, which you can find at the smallest opening where the flap is. You have to push the tail meat out.
  14. Wash your hands to get rid of the water and oil that came from the lobster and you may now enjoy it.

If you want to check the above instructions in a video form, click the link below:

Pro Tips

Lobster is a healthy meal, containing significant number of vitamins and minerals, but should be eaten in moderation. However, if the lobster is consumed with salt-abundant sauces and butter, some considerations must be taken into account. Here are some tips for you to better enjoy your lobster:

Tips crack a lobster
  • If you are cooking the lobster, skewer the tail first. It will be easier to extract the meat from the tail if it is cooked instead of curled.
  • One of the easiest ways to crack open a lobster is to bend its joints backwards and twist it until it comes off. This technique is suitable for every movable part of the lobster.
  • Once you break them through their joints, eat each one like an artichoke.
  • Do not be alarmed if you notice a green, gravy-like substance you will find in the lobster’s inner cavity. It is totally edible and it will remind you of sweet butter.
  • The knuckles will give you a hard time cracking but it is totally worth it. The best way your way around the knuckles is to have the right tools. They have very sharp shells and it can be very dangerous for your hands.
  • It is recommended that you take your time with your lobster, especially the big ones. I assure you that if you have the patience, you will find some delicious and flavorful meat out of it.



By now, I am sure that you will be able to do this task easily. If you don’t know how to crack a lobster before, now is the time to review the above post so won’t be embarrassed if you have it at a five star restaurant. It takes little effort and mastery to do this but once you are already skilled, it will be very easy.

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