Lavazza Coffee Review: The Perfect Choice for your Caffeine Fix

There are endless choices when it comes to packed coffee that is ready to be made in an instant. For beginners, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the abundance of possibilities. Many may decide solely on the basis of which one is the cheapest. For more sophisticated buyers, on the other hand, they won’t settle with anything inferior in quality.

While there are many brands that you might want to consider, Lavazza is one of the most popular. If you have no idea which one will make the best choice, keep on reading the rest of this Lavazza coffee review and we’ll share with you five of the top choices that are sure to provide the best bang for the buck.

What is Lavazza?

As you go online and look for the best coffee that is available, you will see a lot of brands, but one that is frequently ranked on the top is Lavazza. This is an Italian brand that has gained reputation as one of the best, which is why it is a favorite even amongst sophisticated coffee drinkers.

Lavazza is a company that has been around since 1895. Its extensive experience in the market is a proof that it is indeed ahead of its game. While the company started as a small grocery store in Italy, it is now a global name that is already managed by the fourth generation of the family that has founded the company.

Dubbed as Italy’s Favorite Coffee, the company is the leading coffee brand in Italy. More than just the quality of their coffee, they are also known for promoting sustainability. They make sure that coffee is produced in a way that respects humans and the environment.

From bean to cup, the manufacturer makes sure that they have a stringent quality control measure. They also make sure that they have the best packaging, recognizing the fact that external factors such as light, heat, and humidity will have a huge impact on the quality of their coffee.

Choosing the Best Lavazza Coffee

While there are many options that are available, which one will make the top pick? To make things a lot easier, here are some of the most important factors that you need to consider:

  • Type of Beans: This is important because it will have a huge impact on the overall quality of coffee, especially flavor and aroma. In this case, here are the options that you will have:
  • Arabica: This includes to 2/3 of the coffee production in the world. It is grown at an altitude of at least 600 meters. The higher the cultivation land is, the richer is the flavor of the beans. Its beans are oval and elongated. They are also aromatic and mild.
  • Robusta: This is perfect for people who like their coffee harsher because it is bitter tasting. Compared to Arabica, this coffee is grown at a lower altitude and it is also known for being able to tolerate warmer weather.
  • Whole or Ground: Lavazza coffee products are generally categorized into two. They are either whole or ground beans.
  • Whole Beans: Versatility and freshness – these are two of the best things about whole beans. You can grind them depending on the fineness or coarseness that is needed for a specific type of coffee. Nonetheless, this might be time-consuming as there is a need to grind the beans.
  • Ground Coffee: The good thing about this kind of coffee is that it is ready to be used. There is no need to invest in a separate grinder. Nonetheless, you will have no control on how coarse or fine it will be.
  • Roast: Like in the case of the variety of the bean, the type of roast is also important because of its impact on taste and aroma.
  • Light Roast: The beans are light brown. There will be no noticeable oiliness on the surface of the beans. With this, you can expect the flavor to be subtle, perfect for those who love their coffee mild.
  • Medium Roast: The color is medium brown and the flavor is slightly stronger than the light roast. Compared to the latter, however, the flavor tends to be more well-balanced and there is no grainy taste.
  • Medium-Dark Roast: There is little oil appearing on the surface, which is an evidence of roasting. The color is rich and dark. The flavor, on the other hand, tends to have a spicy hint.
  • Dark Roast: The beans are shiny black and there is noticeable oiliness. If the roast is dark, you can expect the drink to be lesser in terms of acidity. It is also known in other names, such as espresso, Continental, Viennese, French, and Italian coffee.

Tips in Making Coffee

Regardless of which Lavazza coffee you make, below are some tips that you have to keep in mind to make a great-tasting coffee:

  • Keep your coffee fresh. After opening your Lavazza coffee, keep it in a container with an airtight seal. Otherwise, it can easily go stale, losing flavor and aroma. External factors can significantly diminish its quality. To add, make sure to use the coffee based on the date specified by the manufacturer.
  • If you are using whole beans, make sure to grind them only when you are ready to make your coffee. It is believed that within half an hour after being ground, if the coffee is still not used, it will lose its freshness.
  • Pay attention to optimal brewing temperature, especially if you are not using an automatic coffee maker. For drip coffee, the ideal temperature is 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Brewing at a hotter temperature will result into a burnt flavor.
  • Using the right water is equally important as using the right beans. Make sure to not use hard water as it has impurities that will alter the flavor of the coffee. Water that is heavily filtered and distilled will not also be good. Choose a water with the perfect balance.

Here are more tips in making coffee:

Top Picks for the Best Lavazza Coffee

Top Picks for the Best Lavazza Coffee


Below are five of the best products that you might want to include in your list of alternatives:

Lavazza Super Crema Espresso

This comes in the form of whole beans and packaged in a 2.2-pound bag. The key to enjoying the optimal quality of this coffee is to make sure that you choose the right grinder and grind the beans depending on the consistency that you desire. If you are making espresso, fine grind is the best. Coarse grind, meanwhile, is best for drip coffee.

To be able to achieve a good-tasting coffee, the manufacturer combined some of the best coffee beans from the different parts of the world, specifically Indonesia, Central America, and Brazil. The beans are delicate, mild, and rich, making it sure to improve your coffee drinking experience.

What exactly can you expect from this coffee? I can say that there is a soothing creaminess and a long-lasting aroma, which will provide a sensory experience to its drinker. It may not be as strong as other beans, but it has a rich flavor.

Lastly, we also loved how it has an authentic Italian flavor. This is probably because of the fact that it is made by Lavazza. To add, this can also be possibly attributed to how it is made from a combination of arabica and robusta beans.


  • Has a full and rich crema
  • Smooth
  • Beans are not too oily


  • Flavor tends to be a bit weak
  • Highly acidic
Lavazza Crema E Gusto

To begin with, it is important to note that this is a dark roast coffee. If you are new to drinking coffee, you might find the flavor to be too strong. Nonetheless, if you like coffee with full body and intensity, this is sure to be an exceptional choice.

More than just the flavor of this coffee, its aroma is also impressive – one thing that is important to a superior caffeine fix. There is a hint of chocolatey flavor at the end of every sip, but it is never overpowering.

To be able to achieve the best flavor and aroma, only the best beans are used in this pack. It has Indonesian, African, and Brazilian blends. With beans that are sourced only from the best places in the world, you can be assured that its quality will be unrivalled.


  • Perfect for an espresso
  • Comes with a robust flavor
  • Has a fragrant aroma


  • Some might find it too dark
  • Does not remain fresh for a long time
Lavazza Caffe Espresso

The expensive price of this coffee may instantly put many people off, but such should not be the case. After all, it is Lavazza, so expect that even if the cost is high, it will still be a good choice because it has quality that will be almost impossible to beat.

This is a medium ground espresso coffee. With this, expect that there will be a bitter flavor. This is perfect for people who like to have a strong kick in their coffee. This bitterness is perfectly balanced with the chocolate notes that you will recognize at the end of every sip.

To add, it is also important to note that this coffee is made using 100% Arabica beans. This is also perhaps the reason why the flavor is quite strong compared to regular ground coffee.

Lastly, while the manufacturer states that this is coffee that is perfect for making espresso, do not be afraid to experiment. It is versatile, which makes it perfect for making other coffee styles.


  • Excellent cost to quality ratio
  • Great for espresso or moka pot
  • Chocolatey aftertaste


  • Too bitter for some
  • Some batches can be stale
Lavazza Gran Crema Espresso

If you are looking for coffee that is meant specifically for espresso, this should be part of your list. With its dark roast and fine grinds, this is sure to make a high-quality espresso at the comfort of your own home. No need to buy expensive espresso shots from an overrated coffee shop.

This 2.2-pound coffee is made using Robusta and Arabica beans. You can expect a play of different flavors, which makes the coffee better. The spices and chocolate notes are sure to be evident in every sip of your espresso.

It is also important to note that while the coffee is perfect for espresso, it is also ideal for drip coffee, making it a versatile choice.


  • Uses fine coffee blends
  • Authentic Italian flavor
  • Excellent aroma


  • No roasting date indicated
  • A bit weak for an espresso
Lavazza Caffe Espresso 100% Premium Arabic Coffee

While the label says that this is caffe espresso, do not let this limit its application. It is whole beans, so you will have the freedom to grind it depending on how coarse or grind you want the coffee to be. The outcome will be ideal for making different types of coffee-based drinks.

This coffee is a 100% Arabica blend. It uses blends from Central and South America. You will notice how it is highly aromatic, which can greatly enhance the flavor of the coffee. It also comes with a rich body, which is exactly why this is a common choice for an espresso.

The sealed packaging of the coffee is also a plus. As long as it is not yet opened, you can be assured that the freshness will be guaranteed. It will never go stale. After opening, however, make sure to keep it in the right container and use by the best before date.


  • Easy to tamp
  • Has consistent flavor
  • Strong and rich flavor


  • Some beans are too dry
  • Can be too hard for the grinder


After reading this Lavazza coffee review, we hope that you can now easily make the right decision. If you will ask for my personal opinion, however, I would say that Lavazza Super Crema Espresso stands out from the rest. It has a creamy and smooth flavor, which is perfect for an espresso.

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