What Is Cream Top Yogurt: A Delicious and Healthy Way to Snack

Cream top yogurt is a type of yogurt that possesses a layer of cream on its surface, as well as a non-fat layer below. If undisturbed, the cream will rise and settle on the top portion of the yogurt. For that to happen, it is required that the milk used for making the yogurt should be non-homogenized.

What Is Cream Top Yogurt

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In this article, we are going to talk about everything there is to know about cream top yogurt. We are going to discuss what it is, its health benefits, some of its uses, and some of its popular brands that you can find in the local supermarket or grocery stores. I hope this post will encourage you to buy some for you and your family’s enjoyment.

What Is A Cream Top Yogurt?

As mentioned above, cream top yogurt is made from non-homogenized milk. To define, homogenization is the process that prevents the cream from being separated to the milk. It should be noted that most cow milk that you can find at stores are usually homogenized. In addition, sheep and goat milk are naturally homogenized.

Non-homogenized milk will create a cream that will rise to the surface of the yogurt; much like it does with milk. With this, the top portion or layer of the yogurt is going to be thicker and yellowish. You should know that this event comes naturally. In addition, homogenization is not done for health reasons.

Homogenization is simply a process that shrinks the cream and later on will blend with the milk. While some yogurt enthusiasts prefer an even-textured milk, this is more of a personal preference. Other, however, like their yogurt non-homogenized because for them, it tastes better and they actually like the cream on the surface of the yogurt.

There are little health or nutritional benefits from consuming cream top yogurt. However, yogurt itself contains a lot of necessary vitamins and minerals. If you do not like cream top yogurt, you may simply stir the contents and enjoy the layers instead. This is a personal preference and should not be considered as a serving requirement.

By now you must already have an idea that most dairy products in the supermarket are homogenized. Homogenization creates a consistent texture that is not going to separate the fat as the yogurt sits. It is also interesting to know that non-homogenize yogurt has not had the fat disturbed by its producer or manufacturer.

This process allows the formed cream to float onto the top portion of the yogurt while all the non-fat contents of the yogurt remain at the bottom part. The cream you can find on top of the yogurt can be removed if you are wishing to cut back on calorie intake. It can also be stirred back if you like its taste.

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What Are The Benefits of Consuming Cream Top Yogurt?

Unsweetened yogurt, by itself, has a lot of health benefits that you can enjoy. Aside from being a very delicious food item, it is great to know that consumers are also contributing to their well being from consuming yogurt. In this section, we are going to discuss the health benefits one can get from consuming yogurt regularly.

What Are The Benefits of Consuming Cream Top Yogurt

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Yogurt is rich in important vitamins and minerals. As it also contains milk, it is known to have a high calcium content that makes our bones and teeth strong. It is also rich in vitamin B, B12, and riboflavin. In addition, it can protect us against heart disease and it can provide us our daily need for phosphorous, magnesium, and potassium.

It is also interesting to know that yogurt is high in protein, about 12g per 7 ounces of serving. Protein is known to support metabolism through increasing energy expenditure. Some varieties may be able to help digestive problems. It can also strengthen our immune system, and protect us against osteoporosis.

Another great benefit one can get from consuming cream top yogurt is that it may be able to improve our heart’s health. Regardless of the fat content, yogurt can still increase good cholesterol and may be able to reduce blood pressure. Lastly, it may promote proper weight management, through many of its components.

What Are The Most Popular Brands Of Cream Top Yogurts?

Are you curious about where you are going to buy cream top yogurt? In this section, we are going to discuss some of the most popular brands of cream top yogurt, as well as the best-selling flavors.

Brown Cow has a lot of offerings: maple, plain, chocolate, lemon twist, raspberry, peach, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, cherry-vanilla, mango, vanilla, and coffee. Kalona is also a popular brand that offers peach, raspberry, vanilla, plain and strawberry flavors. Clover Organic Farms has peach, forest berry, vanilla, plain, and blueberry.

Last but not the least, Dreaming Cow offers a wide range of flavors including vanilla agave, honey pear, plain, blueberry cardamom, maple ginger, dark cherry chai, strawberry pomegranate, and peach mango.


What is cream top yogurt? Cream top yogurt is a type of yogurt that has cream top that resulted from homogenization. You will find below some of the most important points discussed below:

  • Cream top yogurt has a layer of cream that you find at the top portion of it. What you will find below, however, is a layer of non-fat yogurt. Homogenization is the process of separating the milk from the yogurt and this happens when the top of the yogurt is undisturbed.
  • Cream top yogurt has a number of health benefits including richness in important nutrients, protein content, it can be beneficial for our digestive health, can strengthen our immune systems, can prevent osteoporosis and heart diseases. Lastly, it can promote weight management.
  • Some of the popular brands include Brown Cow, Kalona Super Natural, Dreaming Cow, and Clover Organic Farms so be sure to check them out in the supermarket.

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